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Thread: Diaper Task fun!

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    Default Diaper Task fun!

    Disclaimer I am not trying to post a ton of thread's to fill up the forum lol these are thing's I would just like to discuss and what better place to do it then a forum eh.

    I had the greatest idea I just had to share with you all that I have thought up.

    First off I would like for anyone that want's to participate to suggest thing's they would like me to do while diapered, I,E Draw a picture in a diaper, Or Feed your dog while diapered ect I will try to do as many task's as I possibly can while diapered if I cant complete them all while diapered I will save them for another time and you can also add in that my diaper should be wet when I do the task or not your choice.

    Now this may seem odd to most I suppose but I think I would really love to do this and if you guy's and girl's will help me I'll be so happy lol anyway's Stay diapered everyone.


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    First task: Google search the appropriate use of possessive 's. :P

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    Go out and get your mail in a diaper... you can cover up but leave the waistband showing a little

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    I cant quite do that one as I dont have a mailbox at my house and the mailbox isnt mine, Any more people?

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    I mowed the lawn once. Obviously take a remote walk in the woods.

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    Take a shower in a diaper. Be carful not to let it explode though.

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    Either find a red diaper, or put on some red undies over your diaper, then pretend you're a superhero! In fact, if you can post a synopsis of your adventure, that'd be kinda fun. What kind of nemesis would you have? o.o

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soccerbaby View Post
    Take a shower in a diaper. Be carful not to let it explode though.
    I did this once. It was fun! Shame when the tapes tore, though

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    Put it on your head and run around town.

    Should earn you a spotlight in the evening news.

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    Try going to the market or gas station store in your diaper... cover up let the waistband show and see if u get any reactions!

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