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Thread: Concerns about family being investigated

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    Default Concerns about family being investigated

    How damaging can being a closeted abdl be? I ask this question because due to strange and cruel circumstances my family may be investigated. I know for a doubt that being a abdl is bad and so does my brother. But I work with kids from various age ranges. I don't want anything bad happening to my family because of what I am into. My parents don't know and I kept me being a ab/little at a respectable level. My blog is sfw. Yet it is considered a kink and my parents as all loving and understanding I don't know if they could take it. Lord help me.
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    As far as your family is concerned, as long as you lead a healthy normal life, only indulge appropriately, and explain to them that it's just a harmless guilty pleasure, chances of them taking it well are quite high.

    As for the "investigators", I wouldn't be able to say. I'm confused as to what is going on with that.

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    Being an abdl is NOT a bad thing nor does it hurt another person, Unless your taking your used diaper's and throwing them at people then its not bad, And as with the kid's thing I'd advise keeping it totally professional not hinting in any way shape or form of what you are into and you should be just fine, Basically don't give someone a reason to investigate.

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    I'm confused, too. Why would you be investigated? If the police are going to do a thorough house search, then yes, you're stash will be discovered. If it's your parents or other family member, depending on the search warrant, it may or may not include your room. Regardless, no one here is qualified to give you legal advice if that's what you are looking for. I don't know about your community, but ours has a legal office for free advice and if counsel is needed, they can provide it at little or no cost. Good luck and keep us posted!

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    Thank you all. Its just that someone accused my brother of something really bad. And he was innocent and my mom is filing a report. That mean a investigation is going to be on all sides. That includes me as well. I was afraid of them finding out about my little side and such. Evem though that isn't the focus. I was panicy and freaking the heck out. I had a bad day yesterday. But I am better and I know what I have to do.

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    There's nothing criminal about wearing and using diapers, so its unlikely that a police agency would have anything to say about it. They might have a chuckle about it in the station over coffee, though.

    You're not clear about who, ie, what agency is doing the investigating and why. If it were some kind of child protection agency, that might prompt some questions about the home environment.

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    AB/DL and the many other things we tend to be here... are not bad, or illegal, immoral, nor unethical... in and of it's self (and no, this shall not be construed as legal advice... Follow zipperless' advice above for free/low-cost actual legal services in your area, as needed)...

    It does however have the *potential* for much compromise {a. To expose or make liable to danger, suspicion, or disrepute:} ... especially depending on what "something really bad" is... (I'm not suggesting that you divulge the particulars here)...

    Each jurisdiction will have specific and general criteria for evidence searches, and the evidence obtained can work for any combination of the Prosecution, and/or Defense... but, generally speaking... your personal items in your 'quarters' may be exempt from a search, unless there is (PC) Probable-Cause, or otherwise great enough suspicion that you may be involved directly, or indirectly as an accomplice, or accessory before or after the fact

    Someone aiding in or contributing to the commission or concealment of a felony, e.g. by assisting in planning or encouraging another to commit a crime (an accessory before the fact) or by helping another escape arrest or punishment (an accessory after the fact). An accessory, unlike an accomplice, is typically not present when the crime is committed.
    In most cases, a search-warrant has to be issued by a Judge, and with specifications on the extent of area, persons, and types of items being searched...

    They'd have to have pretty compelling reasons to search your belongings... however, you may find that cooperating causes you less entanglement so long as the AB/DL items aren't appearing particularly relevant to the charges that may be brought on your brother...

    Anyway, I am glad that you are feeling less panicky now... I don't see that you have anything to worry about for yourself with your AB/DL items...

    Best of wishes!

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    I'm also not going to give actual legal advice here, but I just want to add and clarify a few things.

    1. Cooperate with the police or any government authority as long as they have the proper papers and information. If your brother did get accused of doing something bad and there needs to be a full investigation, just go along. Sucks, and it may reveal something embarrassing, but failing to cooperate *is* a crime, whereas possessing adult diapers is not.

    2. Cooperating doesn't mean you can't move things in advance. If you know your house is getting searched and you have a friend that could hold your stuff, or maybe a secret hiding place outside your home to stash it, consider moving it. I'm assuming it's not relevant to the investigation here. If it somehow is relevant don't do the above, as that's tampering with evidence (although, on a related note, how do you know you're going to be searched far in advance, that's really weird).

    3. Where diapers could come up is, as mentioned, with things like child protection services or in divorces that involve children. Basically, anytime that a court or other neutral judge is supposed to decide how good your overall character is, you need to have a very carefully crafted and clear explanation ready to go about where/when/why you wear diapers. The correct answers to those, by the by, are: in private, in private, and because I need them in some circumstances.

    4. If there's literally a police team ransacking your house, maybe pull the lead detective aside, explain to him you've got an unusual sexual fetish, and offer to show him your stash privately if he wants to see it to prove that you're not lying. That way you can avoid the social embarrassment and still allow the police to do their jobs. In many cases I think they'd be very reasonable and might not even search your stuff at all if they believe you.

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    You do need personal legal advise of which you are unable to ask for on here, for that would involve divulging information more than entitled to by third parties to third parties. Do follow the advise of zipperless to seek real legal advise in the area where you live.

    I would however, differ with other's assertions on here, in that your personal area cannot be searched; for you have not provided information that it is not a communal area, one where your brother has no freedom of access. This is all important to any search.

    I'd suggest minimal disclosure relating to personal possession of diapers if found, ie, "yes they are mine" if you have a case against me, make it, if not - "fuck-off!". It would not be for me to answer any psychological profiling for any as yet unspecified charge. It is not that you are circumventing an inquiry, but only preventing the invention of creating a new one.

    People seem unaware that a search warrant once issued, must now be justified. This means in real life that any excuse for it's existence must come to the fore, as in your example given this will also involve trawling through your finances and checking on the serial numbers of your appliances; ie, computer, sound system, camera or i-pod.

    Number one rule of law; pigs will inform you of your rights, but only after they have violated them. Do not suffer the potential of violation and/or blackmail, be proactive in getting for yourself some legal advise before the fact.

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