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Thread: "Premium" diapers, which should I chose? How do Bambino Bellissimos and Tena Slip Maxi compare?

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    Default "Premium" diapers, which should I chose? How do Bambino Bellissimos and Tena Slip Maxi compare?

    I've only ever been able to try cheaper store bought diapers in the past, but I'm thinking of trying some of the "premium" diaper brands To those who have more experience with higher end diapers, is there anything I should I know?

    In particular I have my eye on the Bambino Bellissimo or the Tena Slip Maxi. Can anyone tell me how these might compare to one another?

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    I have tried both in large. (50ish with 38 inch waste and definitely a gut above.) I like the Tena Slip maxi a bit better, it was a little softer and less boardy out of the package (could be the heavy plastic tape landing area on the Bellissimo). That said, both hold a lot, but I have experienced leaks with both when wearing to bed. When I move too much, just about any diaper can leak. A good pair of plastic pants is important for me to keep the bed dry. Bellissimo plastic is a bit more crinkly, if you are looking for the audio. Both are relatively comfortable and with both you definitely know yo are diapered. and if you are feeling a bit baby-ish, the Bellissimo has a nice print on the tape landing area.

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    I've tried both in medium.

    Tena: the biggest advantage here is stealth. The Tena is lightweight and very thin before wetting (but can hold plenty). It makes very little noise, fits well and is comfy to walk around in.

    Bambino: the bellisimo is about as thick a diaper as you can find in disposables. Even totally dry, you know you've got something thick between your legs. The cotton lining is dreamy and really comfortable, and the diaper is basically guaranteed to hold three normal wettings without a leak. It's one of the noisiest diapers, and will appear the bulkiest. I still think nobody will notice, but if you were trying to walk around in a heavy, wet Bellisimo, it will be the only thing on your mind.

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    Well I figure the best way to compare them is to make a pro/con list for both. You should also keep in mind that I believe Tena Slip is attempting to switch to a cloth-like shell and Bambino Bellisimos are not currently stocked. Their website does say that they expect to have them back with a new core design sometime after next week.

    Tena Slip Maxi

    -Deceptively thin when dry
    -Still manages to hold a lot
    -Swells up a lot when wet
    -Probably the soothest and most comfortable outer plastic I have ever felt
    -*Personal note - I quite enjoy the look; it has that medical feel but the light purple on the white shell helps to make up for that.

    -I have found the tapes to be quite terrible
    -Bad placement; too close together, landing zone is small and to "properly" place the bottom tape it will not be on the zone, has a loose feeling around the legs
    -Small tapes; I never felt extremely confident that they would stay
    -Problem with them pulling off the wing
    -Single layer with almost no "restickability"

    Bambino Bellisimo

    -Very thick and highly absorbent
    -Probably one of the most comfortable inner lining and padding I've ever felt; I once said that I felt I could sit on an old fashioned wooden chair for hours and still be comfortable in a Bellisimo because it almost feels like you are sitting on a pillow
    -Despite not having the two-layer tapes, you are able to remove and stick the tapes back on a time or two if you do so immediately
    -*Personal note - I love the look of the Bellisimo; the design on the landing zone looks really nice, tied with the completely white shell having no trace of a medical feel to it

    -As with the pros, rather thick so they are not the best to wear around others; I actually had my mother comment a time or two that I was walking funny while wearing one (she doesn't know about any of this)
    -The inner lining has a tendency to bust before the back of the diaper has even been touched
    -Like the Tena Slip, the tapes are the Bellisimos downfall
    -Tendency to pop off the wings if taped too tightly or left on too long
    -Once the tapes have been on for a while, if they come off the landing zone, they more than likely aren't going back on

    All-in-all, both are great products and I'd have no problem recommending either of them to anyone. I would probably advise having some duct tape handy if you are planing on wearing either of them for an extended period of time however. I personally didn't notice too much of a problem with noise for either of them; they were in the area that I could hear them, but i don't believe someone else really could unless they were actively listening for it.

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    I have tried both in Medium and in my opinion the Tena Slip Maxi's are better than the Bellisimo because they are a lot thinner but hold about the same amount as the Bellisimo. Not only that, but the Maxi's are made with a lot more SAP so they swell A LOT! Also, the Maxi's seem to fit me a lot better than the Bellisimo even though they are the same size. The Bellisimo tends to sag down (almost like its not taped up good enough) whereas the Maxi does not.

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