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Thread: Why are diapers such a big taboo?

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    Default Why are diapers such a big taboo?

    I'm pretty sure that this thing has been spoken to death though I'm raising it back up.

    Little background to my thoughts first. I was on abroad with my friend for a week little ago. Then, as always when you travel far enough, you get hit by some kind of stomach bug that ruins your holiday. I started thinking that how it would make things much easier if I had diaper and I wouldn't have to stress that much. Of course I couldn't have weared one even if I had one since my friend is not ABDL aware and generally speaking not very accepting in special things.
    Then it hit me. If I had to leave hotel room for any reason back then I would have problem keeping stuff in (of course the problem wasn't so big that I couldn't feel it coming but much time I didn't have). Aren't diapers supposed to be used in situations like that? Isn't it their intended use? People seem to be embarrassed of using diapers and that prevents them for using them for temporary issues, even if "just in case"-like. I find it strange that in our current society we accept incontinence as a problem yet things that could be considered as "temporary incontinence" are treated "wrongly". Of course the person who doesn't normally wet or mess but is sick and gets in situation where that might happen won't feel good about doing his/her things in diaper, though I would bet that he'd feel even more embarrassed doing those things accidentally in pants.

    So, how have we got here? Why is "everything" else on medical field accepted, even for temporary use but diapers. In my mind it feels almost as strange as thinking that aspirin should be only used if headache is permanent (as in, never ever going away)

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    It is strange, especially as we grow more convenience-obsessed. I imagine it's partly because of the "diapers are for babies" mantra that's been prevalent for as long as any of us can remember. There may also be a widespread shame of wetting or soiling oneself in general, regardless of whether or not doing so can actually be seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vic92 View Post
    It is strange, especially as we grow more convenience-obsessed. I imagine it's partly because of the "diapers are for babies" mantra that's been prevalent for as long as any of us can remember. There may also be a widespread shame of wetting or soiling oneself in general, regardless of whether or not doing so can actually be seen.
    That's because of the general world . Diapers like when we learn-to stop playing with toys and learn to drive. Are a right of passage that should be left behind in ones childhood. Diapers carry a stigma with them that even with time and social understanding won't be dissolved easily. the thought process of every individual may be different but on thing remains the same,Public and personal opinion.
    When a celebrity or public figure lose there standings with a crowd they often try to apologize to get people to see them in a different light. but while some public opinion may become light, A persons own opinion can be the deciding factor in almost any situation. So the one thing that matters will be a factor of many things, from personal and public opinion to the situation.

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    I think the attitude about diapers is gradually changing. If you go back just 10 - 15 years you didn't see commercials on TV for incontinence products. Today there are ad's on TV that seem to be trying to make incontinence panty's for women attractive and sexy. It wasn't long after they started running commercials for women that they started running them for men. I think some of the commercials come close to pushing them as a convenience rather than a necessity. Things are changing!

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    Not necessarily. Those commercials were originally intended for the older generation. The opinion of a the times usually belong to the younger crowd and usually change as society grows older

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    I know in some place in the world eg, China Adult Diapers are used and accepted much more as people traveling large distances in low budget transport wear diapers so they have the ability to pee if nessecary on the long journey, this may never become acceptable in Europe but its amazing how things change, i agree its silly people dont accept it more for emergency reasons although now in spain where i am living pharmacy's have adult diapers on the shelves in full view and always seem accepting when i go in and buy them.. I have also been in hospital a few times in the UK and have had occasions where mild incontinence was causing problems and they gave me diapers to wear and i was fine with them as i wore them at home anyway but the nurse was so embarrassed to offer them to me? seems bit weird?

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    Its because nappies are associated with babies, therefore seeing an adult in a nappy who is wearing for pleasure seems oddball.They immediately begin to question whether the person wearing has some kind of psychological issues, has incontinence issues, or possibly even a bit pedoish.They may consider incontinence issues, but if the person is wearing an AB printed nappy, its obviously a kink and people just cant handle that.Also people are put off by the idea of an adult deliberately soiling a nappy and then being happy to spend time in a wet nappy.To many this is unhygienic and disgusting and will view the wearer as being strange.

    People who don't understand the nappy fetish think its just plain wrong and a massive turn off for some women and men.Some people may even feel threatened or even be aggressive towards somebody who wears nappies for a kink as their brains just cant handle it.Thankfully we live in a more tolerant society where various degrees of behavior are becoming more accepted.Thanks to the internet things like nappy fetishes and the info regarding them are easily available online and thanks to the internet some things just don't seem as taboo as they used to be.Many people hate nappy fetishism, but many people just accept that's just what some people like and go along with it and accept the person for who they are.

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    I think in some parts of the world, diapers are more acceptable because they look more babyish and have prints on them and the fact they are called diapers and are easy to access in stores, down in Mexico, you can easily get them in airports in stores. In the USA, it's so taboo and a stigma and it's hard to find them in stores now and we call them briefs. It's become hard to find them in supermarkets now and department stores. At least the Walgreens right by our house still sells them and Fred Meyer (department store in the pacific Northwest) near us.

    What if an application came out for IC folks so they could locate a local retailer that sells briefs so they could use it while traveling so they know what store to hit and where to go. That would also help us AB/DLs too.

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    You know; i hear this a lot and to be honest i've never experienced it. My friends all know I'm ABDL, but before then they assumed I had bed wetting issues or something of the sort, and they treated it like it was any other thing... and even when they found out that i just like to wear and wet them, they were like "oh :P well, its still no big deal".

    I've honestly never had a negative experience in terms of discussing diapers with any of my friends or getting any negative reactions from them catching me or me telling them... So i can only assume that it either depends on your area or your attitude about the whole thing ~ but seeing as I live in Miami, surrounded by fake, superficial, materialistic, old fashioned hispanics... and they still acted like wearing diapers was normal (even by spoken word, they told me that "what I do isn't weird, its actually pretty normal" by multiple friends). So i can only assume that attitude is everything :P but as far as diapers being Taboo, i think they are less taboo than society or the media makes us believe.

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    The obscurity of this fetish, as well as the fact that it's more abstract than that for some people both play a big role in this one. The taboo potentially stems from the myth that there is a cure for this, and in order for a cure to exist, logically it must be some kind of psychological disorder. There are actually quite a number of medical experts who don't even know about paraphilic infantilism, and they usually jump to that conclusion upon first hearing about it. When coming across a person with an odd quirk that you've never heard of before, what's easier for an outsider to believe; that it's some kind of rare psychological disorder, or that it's naturally ingrained into that person?

    I even laugh at myself whenever I get the idea to diaper myself and wet it for the hell of it. "Yep, I really just thought about that." I think to myself. :P

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