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Thread: Your fantasy

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    Default Your fantasy

    Like the title says.

    What's you fantasy

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    My fantasy would be to marry another AB/DL and we role play between caretaker and baby.

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    My fantasy is to have a plain trip to europe to visit a "friend". That friend would be more like a master. Uppon arrival, i would have to give him all my papers with my passeport. Nothing left. For a hole week, i would have to do anything that involde diaper in order to get my passeport and papers back to go home. It would involve for sure public humiliation and diaper showing in many places, been dropped to the other side of the city and leaved with a huge pack of diapers witch would be signed by my master so i cant change it, i would have to travel all thru the city with my bulky pack of diapers to get back to him. And all sort of things like that!!!!

    That would be so funny!!!

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    My fantasies are many and confusing but in a nut shell: i would love to meet the perfect partner for me which would be someone loving and kind who would indulge my random diaper requests and requirements. who would change me and treat me like a child, punish me if i was misbehaving and treat me if i was good but also would surprise me like making me wear sissy cloths whilst in the house and make me there little slave.

    I have loads of more specific fantasies but am new here so not sure about what to post or how to do so yet..

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    My fantasy is to have a caretaker that indulges me daily. I really want an almost 24/7 little/caretaker relationship with leanings towards BDSM as well. Meaning using their title 24/7 (when socially appropriate) and punishments when I misbehave as well as rules for my behavior as well. I want to be treated as a little boy almost constantly. Luckily I've found someone who enjoys this just as much as me and is willing to be the Big to my little.

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    I have a number of fantasies. I have a short list of some that I want to try to turn into short stories (don't know when that may happen, if at all).

    Most deal with being turned into a little girl, toddler age using diapers and in most cases with a family that may not always understand or support me in the beginning, but turns out ok in the end.

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    My fantasy well one of em would be to find someone to be a Caretaker and a baby, Someone I could love and they love me and us being able to cuddle watching movie's wetting our diaper's when needed and more, My picture perfect girlfriend/caretaker/baby girl would be> She would have Brown hair shoulder length or longer and she would be cute as a button about 5ft or higher basically I just want someone to love with a deepness I know I have. Someone that will love me right back and take part in abdl activities ect She could be my baby girl and babysitter and sister mommy, And I could be her baby boy daddy and brother/sister and babysitter ect. I cant explain it better unless I put a good hour into the thought process so I may update this when I'm not tired.

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    I have a lot of fantasies, both dominant and submissive ones and ones involving diapers or not.

    My goal however, is to find a relationship where my wearing diapers works. Not as a fantasy, but in practice. I've given up on finding a caretaker for me and me alone..that seems a bit selfish (what's in her for him/her). And I want a bit more from a relationship than a few shared kinks (been there, done that... Burned the T-shirt). I'm much more interested in finding a deep connection with someone. Someone I actually want to share a life with. That needs to be a bit more than simple one way wish fulfillment.

    I have no idea what that'll look like. I'm bisexual and a switch so there are a lot of ways to make it work, potentially my fantasy is just an inspiration there. When you play with someone else the beauty is in what happens between you..not in how much it conforms to your personal fantasy.

    I would ultimately love to have a relationship and a little group of friends around us where we can all be as we are. A mix of all kinds of kinky people that just hang out...come as you are. If you want that to be a thick diaper or a cute pink dress...within certain limits of good taste (don't be revolting) that should all be cool. That's my real fantasy. I think there are a lot more of 'us' than we realise. You'll never see me be part of some advocacy group or pride parade but I also don't feel like hiding in isolation :-D

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    How about this one.....a wicked witch put's a spell on you transforming your body into that of a toddler, but allows you to keep your adult brain only you can not communicate on a adult level, then the wicked witch pretends to be your mummy, putting you into a nursery/kindergarten and tells the staff that you are not yet potty trained and need to be diapered.
    So a hole week of being stuck as a toddler in a nursery/kindergarten with all those toys and having to rely on the staff to change your diaper when you are wet or messy....sounds like a bad nightmare, NOT! Lol

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    The word "fantasy" depresses me. I have goals I'd like to believe are realistic: like getting another job, having a girlfriend who accepts my ABDL side and indulges me without being totally domineering; who I can indulge too and show that I love her, she wouldn't just do things for me. I'd like to have kids one day. That's not a fantasy to me. That's (I hope) a realistic goal.

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    Mine is pretty simple, finding a little girl to pamper spoiled and cuddle all day long.

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