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Thread: Which Celebrity would you be if...?

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    Default Which Celebrity would you be if...?

    If you could be one celebrity of your choosing no matter who it is, The only catch is that you would be incontinent with your bladder only. Who would you be and why also give a little back story to how you would live your day's after becoming the celebrity you choose if you wish.

    Hmm a little bit of a tough question I have a few I'd love to be but if I had to choose I think I would really love to be Emma Robert's. As to the why well she's hot and I think she would look great in a nice thick diaper.

    I would essentially spend my day's lounging around doing activities I love to do including playing baby I would hire a caretaker aka a Beautiful schoolgirl babysitter someone who is 18 obviously, But they would wear a schoolgirl uniform when taking care of little me and basically that's about it so tell me which celebrity you would want to be.

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    Hard to choose between Emma Watson or Karen Gillan.... maybe, I perfer the latter. So I can travel around the Tardis whlist wearing a diaper.... so I can focus having fun instead of worrying about holding my pee. =P And oh, I have a thing for redheads...

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    I would be Howdy Doody, though I guess I would be peeing sawdust.

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    Doesnt anyone have a celebrity they wish they could be cmon you know you want to...

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    Now this is fun. I can really have fun with this one.

    I would be Justin Bieber, but obviously not with the same attitude or pursuits. I don't love his look by any means, but he is a decent looking. His natural singing talent really is amazing. I would not do as many performances as him however...

    My first act of money and fame would have to be creating my own MMORPG. It would be the true WOW killer. It would be what EverQuest should have become. Involving the option of typing or talking to NPC's for quests. It will be like classic Everquest but redone with today's standards.

    I would do a proper sequel to the 7th Guest. (Trust me, with Justin Bieber money you can do these things.)

    I would open up my own Twitch Justin Bieber Live Stream and play video games I enjoy all the time and make money doing that.

    Heck, I think my life would be all about games. LOL... and singing in between.

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    Jeez, I really just don't know!

    That's a hard one.......

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    I assume this can be past or present?

    In that case: Groucho Marx

    (edited a while later): ..or maybe Harpo Marx for that matter.
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    This is a hard one...

    At least that is what my Penis says...

    JLO and Katy Perry in soaking wet diapers.

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