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    Question Diaper myths

    This is a thread for those myths about diapers, not about wearing, the effects,or anything related to the experience. This thread is a place to discuss a print you may have seen years ago that isn't able to be found anywhere. It also can be about brands that seem to have vanished from the face of the earth. Lastly here is a list of some mythical diapers not able to be researched any further

    Pb&j otter training pants (2002?)
    As the name implies these were training pants with pb&j otter prints. It is very likely that these are real, being that small town drugstores can licencse cartoon characters that are little known(the show ended in 2000, licensing would have been dirt cheap).they are most likely generic training pants that could have been produced by literally DOZENS of drug stores or supermarkets( Meijer, Walgreens, cvs, rite-aid,etc).these are the most elusive training pants, due to rarity and obscurity.

    Lollipop huggies (1987?)(DEBUNKED)
    Again, as the name implies these were huggies that were green with a lollipops on the diaper. These are again, very likely, but there are a few problems with this rumor. In 1987 huggies were plastic, in 1987 it would have been costly to produced a presumably all over print, not to mention directly on plastic! Also in 1987 huggies would have had Mickey Mouse landing strips,and a year later the would get the long lasting story time designs. It could have been a temporary placeholder print while the artists had time design the story time designs. This has been regarded as false, it was most likely a cloth diaper or printed plastic pants.

    Pampers with prints(1960s-1970s)(DEBUNKED)
    Prints in diapers is nothing nowadays, but in the 60s it is way ahead of its time. It would have been a huge cost to produce a diaper with a print of ANY KIND, about $5.00 per diaper, in the '60s that is about $25.00 in today's money, and that's per diaper not pack! In the '70s it is more feasible, but would still be mighty expensive. It is unknown what the designs would have been.these claims are regarded as false, it is highly unlikely that anything of the sort ever existed at the time. It was most likely a pair of plastic pants. This is supported by the fact that early pampers were basically the same plastic as plastic pants.

    Huggies with all over Mickey print(1987-1988)
    As stated by pampersboy25, he distinctively remembers all over Mickey Mouse print. Yet there is no info or images of these available beside a 1986 print ad. This claim is highly likely,it was most likely put out in small towns as a test for all over prints. The ad mentioned earlier only shows the diapers from a distance,not close up.

    Fitti pull ups(1995?)
    As mentioned by kenworthw900b The company fitti made bed wetting pull ups in the mid 1990s. This claim is almost certainly true, but the only problem is we have no name to search for. These pull ups would have most likely been released a year after real goodnites, most likely in a small town drugstore(Walgreens,cvs,etc).

    Huggies size 6 with plastic backing(2004,or mid 1990s?)
    Ultrapampers and aby mentioned that they heard somewhere that the first size 6 huggies were plastic backed. This is unlikely, but it is still possible. If there was an excess of plastic sheeting from the 1990s, they could have "disposed" of it by using the rest up on new diapers. Like many myths on this list, it would have been available in select locations for a very short amount of time, not to mention unannounced. These should not be confused with the common huggies supreme.

    Disappearing abc's diaper(mid 1980s)
    Also mentioned by Ultrapampers, he remembers a diaper with all over print that fadded when wet,in the mid 1980s! This feat would be a breakthrough at that time, not to mention setting the stage for the future wetness indicator. This claim is likely,the technology was there,it just wasn't used like this. The only odd part is, why wouldn't this company be recognized for such a breakthrough innovation.

    Paddi diapers(1947?)
    These are real,but there has yet to be an example presented outside of an ad. These uk diapers were one of the first ever disposable diapers Made in the 1940's.the reason an actual example has never been located is the absolute age of the diaper, and the fact that they would have disintegrated over time. It is very possible that one could be locked in a chest of baby stuff over in the uk,most likely saved as a memento of parenthood.

    If you can answer these myths, please do,also if you have a myth, post it!thanks for the responses, they are always appreciated.
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    I specifically remember my Huggies diapers having an all-over Mickey print, and that would have been 1987 or so. I've been searching for a picture of them close up for years. There is a Huggies print advert from 1986, however, that shows the all-over print from a distance.

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    Fitti made a pullup for bedwetters in the 1990's like goodnites but I cant remember what they were called or when they were made I just remember wearing them for a while. anyone else remember these?

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    I don't know if this qualifies as a myth since it was only asserted by one person in a forum some time ago, but...

    There was a claim the the first size 6 Huggies had plastic backsheets, not "cloth-like". I can find no evidence supporting this, and it seems dubious considering that size 6 Huggies were introduced long after Kimberly-Clark moved all of their products to the spunbond ("cloth-like") covers. Pampers Baby-Dry size 6 and Luvs Ultra Leakguards size 6 definitely existed with plastic covers, but not Huggies. If anyone has a different recollection or--even better--a photo, I would love to hear or see it.

    As for your myths, Kittermunk, I also doubt the lollipop Huggies (Green? Really?) and all-over Pampers prints anytime prior to mid to late '80s (Luvs Deluxe and Pampers Phases era). I do remember a diaper with all-over prints of letter blocks whereby the 'A', 'B', and 'C' letters disappeared when wet. I can't remember the brand, but the ad was from the mid '80s.

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    I remember a Huggies size 6 before they went to cloth, was hard to find, and they switched to cloth soon after they were released, but that my memory and its not perfect, when did cloth like covers become the norm? late or mid 90's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aby View Post
    ...when did cloth like covers become the norm? late or mid 90's?
    The first major brand with "cloth-like" covers was Huggies Supreme in 1994, but by 1998 I'm pretty sure that all Huggies and Pampers were cloth-like, with only Luvs holding out among the majors. The first size 6 diaper was Pampers Baby-Dry introduced in June 1998. Huggies didn't come out with size 6 until later that year.

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    the Huggies size 6 I remember was not a Huggies Supreme, it was vey much at the end of life for plastic diapers, I could be thinking Pampers, I know it wasn't a premium brand, maybe Luvs

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    This thread haven't been used In a few days, I'll try to research these myths

    Fitti pull ups are provenClick image for larger version. 

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