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Thread: Physics Question...I think. (Or common sense.)

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    Default Physics Question...I think. (Or common sense.)

    Hi there,

    So, after a year and a half of use, my Kins velcro diaper (not an AIO) is getting a bit...yellow.

    Thing is, before that happened, I started using toddler prefolds as stuffers. And, I'm known to have a beer or four while wearing. So, here's the question:

    Wouldn't the prefolds (I use 2 toddler prefolds and the stuffers from Amazon's 'Bamboo Diaer') and stuffers filter out the minerals or whatever that would stain the primary diaper? Or do they go through? The stuffers are a bit dingy, but not yellow, and the prefolds are perfectly white. Is it a laundering issue?

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    it might be a phenomenon similar to how old game systems that were white turn grey, or how color's bleach in the sun it might just be getting old.

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    It is probably different materials I am not a cloth diaper expert but I don't think you can expect diapers to stay white without bleach which is bad for them.

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    As humans, we are an indomitable chemistry factory, turning the pristine rivers a dirty yellow. Diapers are our latest victim. Perhaps a different laundry detergent might help.

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    It may not be the "human output" that is causing it. It is a reaction of chemicals that are in "hard water" and the detergents that cause things to turn dingy, because the cleaning agent is not able to do its job before the reaction happens. So a water softener and/or more, or a different detergent would be the first suggestion.

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    Interesting. The prim diaper is flannel, and it's the only one that4 yellowinf. Does flannel yellow faster?

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    It maybe a change in detergent is required. I use Arm & Hammer with Oxi Clean on my cloth diapers. My Dependeco AIO's are
    still a bright white after a year and a half of washing. Also the hardness of the water could be a factor. If possible try drying them
    by hanging out in the sun.

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    drop one diaper in a 5gal pail and pour in 1/8c or so of 5% WHITE vinegar (not the smelly 4% brown) and fill with water. let it soak an hour. then try washing it. if it's a mineral/lime problem, that ought to remove it. I live in Iowa here, and hard water (TONS of lime) is a big problem.

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