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    Ok, first, I know plastic backed diapers are way better. I get that and I understand cloth backed diapers sweat urine, chafe a bit more, etc. This isn't a debate on cloth vs plastic because I realize that plastic wins almost every time.

    But, here is my situation, when I last wore for "recreation," I bought Bambino Blanco diapers. I loved them but they were super loud. I would occasionally wear them to bed but it was awkward with my wife. She is alright with it as long as she really doesn't know about them and it was more than obvious. So now my leaking incontinence is getting bad enough I am thinking on getting more diapers but because it makes my wife awkward, I thought I would go for something a bit quieter. I know tight underwear over the diapers quiets it down but when I go to bed, I can barely wear just boxers because I get so hot so a diaper in itself is almost to warm. Which leads me to cloth backed disposables.

    So what I am looking for it one, I want velcro tabs. I personally think that is one of the only advantages of cloth backed.

    Second, I want it to be fairly thick. I know Abena's are the thickest and probably the best but I don't think they have velcro tabs. If they do please let me know. I don't need them to be super thick by any means but I do prefer a thicker diaper.

    Third, I want them to be quiet. This is basically the only reason I am going to try cloth and a noisy cloth backed diaper would be pointless. I don't know if any cloth backed diapers are noisy but if they are, please let me know.

    So just to clarify a few things again, this isn't a debate on cloth vs plastic, I know plastic is way better. I understand things you can do with plastic that make them quieter but that's not my point. Also, I want to make sure everyone understands, I am talking about cloth backed disposable diapers, not cloth diapers. Cloth diapers don't do anything to meet my fetish desires so I am sticking with disposables. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

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    I do not use any cloth back very often but I know there are several companies that do them. Tranquility, Molicare, attends, and tena. Try giving those a try.

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    I have had great success with Tranquility Slimline breathable. They are not thick however. They are pretty absorbent, well constructed, very comfortable, quiet, discreet, and pretty cool in hot weather. I know they are not the superstar Abenas, but they are excellent performers. The velcro is strong and infinitely refastenable. They are also exceptionally affordable. Give them a look, you can't really go wrong at the price. If you're worried about absorbency, they will hold two very large voids on their own (they sell quite a bit) and with a booster can hold at least two more. The leg gathers and leak guards are very well designed.

    These are, in fact, an example of a diaper that is much better than it's plastic backed counterpart. The Slimline plastic backed is absolutely horrible. It feels, looks, sounds, and performs like a cheap diaper.

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    i love attends breathable even when i double up they are easily hidden

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    Thanks for the advice. I'm leaning towards the Tranquility Slimlines. I looked at them earlier but wasn't to sure. A thicker one may be more of a plus but at the same time, the absorbency will be plenty. I don't have large, flood type wettings, I just like the feeling of a thick diaper.

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    Have you tried Anti Wing? Theen when they were plastic backed they had Velcro closures. Many years ago they switched to the cloth backed. I have not tried the newer cloth version, but they are supposed to be even better, and the old ones were a really good diaper. XP Medical - Abena Abri-Wing Briefs
    You may also want to give Wellness Superio a try. They are plastic backed but their plastic have a waffle vinle texture them making them super quiet for a plastic diaper.

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    Thanks for the info barkd74! I haven't ever tried the Abri-Wings. In fact, I don't really understand how they fasten. I get the general drift but don't at the same time. I'll check into the Wellness Superios too. Thanks again!

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