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Thread: Perfect AB/Little day with caretaker(s) game (mended the hole in how to play)

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    Cool Perfect AB/Little day with caretaker(s) game (mended the hole in how to play)

    I was thinking of playing a game. You guys up for that? Here's how it works. A scenario is given, like, "Perfect rainy day." They describe a perfect day with their caretaker in that scenario, then give us a new one. After giving an ideal day in the new scenario, picked by the previous person, the next person picks a scenario, & so on. You don't necessarily need a new scenario every time. If you like the one someone else picked, feel free to post about it. You can include friends, but don't have to. (Like, let's say, if yours was "perfect theme park day", you may want Little friends, or plushies to come along. If you don't have a caretaker, a guy, or girl, can dream. Yes, I'm aware I need a Deaf best friend, because I talk too much. Just don't make responses too short.

    I'll start us off. It's a rainy day today, so. . . Perfect rainy day

    I sleep better with somebody next to me. It's just a fact. While I sleep, Daddy's busy making breakfast casserole, with eggs, kosher sausage, hash browns, grits, cheese, peppers, onions, & salsa, with a side of buttermilk biscuits, & tomato gravy. Yes, we mix meat & dairy. Yes, rabbis think we suck. No, we don't care. He sneaks back into bed without me noticing.

    I'd probably wake up cuddled very close to Daddy, & tell him, "It's tomatoing outside!" I grew up in tornado alley, & toddlers dunno the difference in thunderstorms & tornados.

    He tells me, "I know it's yucky weather, but that's what breakfast in bed is for. Let's stay in bed all day. Want your Nuk-Nuk & footed PJs?"

    It takes some convincing, because wearing them means that going potty is dangerous. I can't walk without holding onto something, even in the best of circumstances, because of Cerebral Palsy. Footies are slippery, & in most cases, are 1piece, which means taped diapers! Good thing we pre-decorated some abri form M2s, for just such an occasion. He puts my diaper & Jammie's on, telling me, "Don't be scared. Just use your diapey when you need it. Don't wait 'til it hurts," then grabs the breakfast he'd kept warm in the kitchen.

    He brings me my 32 oz Big Body Baby Bottle, half-full of hot chocolate, deliberately too hot, so it can cool while I eat. The only reason my it's so big is so my hands feel small. Daddy's not stupid. After we eat, he gives me my bottle, all snuggled in his lap.

    We play boardgames, & play Donkey Kong, & make art, & watch Theodore Tugboat, among other shows & movies, & make shadow puppets, & he reads me bible stories. Somewhere in the middle of all the fun, the weather calms down, but the rain still sings a lullaby, & Daddy recites, "Winkin', Blinkin' & Nod." I nap cuddled next to him. We make room for snacks, & meals, all of which are made up of my favorite foods & drinks. He gives me a bottle to drink with my food every time.

    Other than bath time, we never leave the bedroom. He lets me play with bath toys, but bathes me himself. After a night-night massage, not in the least bit sexy, but because my muscles are contracted & painful by days end, I beg for 1 last bible story, we say prayers, & then it's bedtime.

    The next scenario is, "perfect theme park day." Pretend we all banded together & bought a day to ourselves at Disney World. Celebrities do it. Our money's just as good.
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