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Thread: Username nicknames?

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    Smile Username nicknames?

    Hasn't anyone on ADISC given a funny or little nickname to our friends up here before. I always call my friend PoisonSnivy "Poi or Poison" Because it's quicker and sound unique but original. We all have adopted families and brothers on this website and sometimes this website can be considered our mother with friends and families.

    So, Have you received a nickname by somebody?

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    My real name is Cody, But here I'm known as *Monkey* but I guess that's because it's shorter than MonkeyDoodle.

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    Bartolome is a Latinized version of my real namesake, Bartholomew (my legal name is Barry)

    I use it b/c of the connection to Bartolome de las Casas, a priest who spent time with the early Native American tribes encountered by Europeans
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    My name is legally Emily, but people call me Emmy or Ems :P my big sis calls me Em&m

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    I've got nicknames in other areas, but not here...

    I have a stage name for my music, and another one for my production work with music....

    No nickname for the film work I've done...

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    Kizwizard comes from Kizzwaz, a nickname given to me by some old friends. Dexx is my name on the fetish scene.

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    My real name is Rachel but my friends and some of the kids where I work at call me Applejack because I could almost pass for the human version of her.

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    My user nickname is Jazz. Which I like because it is my LG name. I also get called by my real name too by the people who know it.

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    My best friend and little sister Addy, usually calls me "Snowy" or "Thun" the latter is the name she met me under on fimfiction, and Snowy is my fursona name and username hehe.

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