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Thread: Doctor Who fans?

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    Default Doctor Who fans?

    Please tell me there are some Doctor Who fans out there. I'm literally obsessed with this show right now. <3 My favorite is the tenth doctor because he's really hot. *giggles* Anyway, I started getting into it, and now I can't stop watching it either. So, I need someone who can discuss it with right now. ;w;

    Any doctor who fans out there? :O

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    It's bigger on the inside! But yeah I like doctor who but I am at work. :-(

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    well i've seen everything from the 8th dr on.

    what ep you up to now?

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    Uhhhh. I'm not sure. Probably eight or nine of the second season? It's the one where they got caught up with a black hole or something like that. O_o He loses the tardis. I love this show because it gets so intense at times, yet it's funny at the same time.

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    i know what you mean. >.< much i wanna say, but i don't wanna give you any...Attachment 21181

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    ahahaha. Nuuuuu. Still, I love the faces the tenth doctor makes. They are so cute sometimes. XD

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    Tennent was good, but Eccleston was the best Doctor (although the bit I've seen of Troughton/2nd Doctor was quite entertaining, as well). Actually, some of the old stuff is more entertaining if for no other reason than the effects and the convolutions they went through to tell the stories with the technical limitations of the time. Downside was that during the Baker run, the stories started to get a bit formulaic (they show up in a place, shenanigans happen nearby, they get blamed, have to figure it out so they can leave).

    Also, I enjoy Doctor Who.

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    I love Doctor Who! =D I heard about it few years ago but I didn't really watch it until January of this year (when I joined Netflix) and of course I became big fan of the show. Same here, I love David Tennant too. I also like Ecceleston and Smith as well.

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    I've been enjoying this show immensely. Very creative concepts visualized impressively. And humor.

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    Doctor Who is such a fantastic (get it?) tv show, I can't praise it enough. I think most of the classics suck excluding a few of 2 and 7 (favorite Doctor) and Ace were just amazing. Out of the new series, 9 is certainly my favorite followed by 10, War, and 11. My favorite companions have been Ace, Rose, Jack, Amy, Rory, and Wilfred. For such an awesome show, it is horribly sad (especially 10). I guess though that is one of the good things about it, it makes you feel a wide range of emotions (Sadness, bit of fear, awe, happiness, joy, yada yada).

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