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Thread: What if wearing diapers became normal?

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    Default What if wearing diapers became normal?

    This thought has surely crossed most of our minds. Let's imagine that suddenly wearing and using diapers became normal and acceptable in our society. It could be because of some new health research about negative sides of holding your bladder or it would be the new "hipster" thing or whatever.

    Would this impact your ab/dl side in any way, if it were perfectly normal? Also, what changes would happen in the diaper market? Would pampers or huggies etc start making diapers for everyone? What other changes would we see happening in our everyday life?

    Just a random fantasy

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    think would be great, no more needing to go into dirty toilets

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    I think most of the people in here would love that but think of it like this: There would be TONS of garbage/used diapers. We could probably make an island out of it and have a city in it named: Smelly Belly

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    I have thought on this myself. I think that most ABDLs would still be ABDLs. I mean look at lingerie. It is sexy, turns people on and is a normal thing. I think that normalization of diapers wouldn't ruin the "turn on" factor at all. In fact, I bet there would be more of us. I think diaper lovers would out number adult babies because I think that the normalization of diapers would allow more people who wouldn't consider wearing diapers to try them and enjoy them. Adult babies are almost hard wired to want to be babied and I feel like most adult babies already know they are ABs but I think if more people tried diapers, they would enjoy them, therefore creating more diaper lovers. And we all know business is run on supply and demand so if demand was up, I would assume there would be a very large variety of diapers, just like there is a large variety of jeans or shirts. You would see other companies that aren't currently making diapers, start making them. You would have Hanes and Fruit of the Loom diapers. There would be super thin to super thick ones, tape on and pull ups, adult designs to baby designs, etc. It would be pretty great. I don't think it would ever be "normal" to wear just diapers though. You don't see very many girls out in just a thong yet thongs are normal so the idea of wearing just a diaper without pants would still be odd. Not as odd as it is now but still odd. It would be every ABDLs dream though. Not saying it couldn't happen someday but I highly doubt it and, if it does, I really doubt it will ever happen in our lifetime.

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    I've imagined such a world... and to be honest ~ i would hate it. In my experience with being as open as I am about my little/abdl lifestyle... it has brought me so much respect and people who I never thought would "look up to me" started telling me how much they respect my bravery for being so open about who I am and not giving a shit about what anyone thinks :P. I would hate to think that the little quirk of mine that taught me to be myself without filter became a popular thing that now everyone does...

    Idk, maybe i'm just weird, but i would hate to see my special little quirk become mainstream... it would be cause for more society driven bullshit... popularity contests, unnecessary pricing increases, not to mention a drastic increase in waste.

    Diapers aren't sexual for me, though I can appreciate a picture of an attractive person in a diaper... but I actually LIKE belonging to a minority like this one... i know that ABDL's struggle endlessly with self acceptance and binge/purge cycles and a bunch of stuff but its only because we force ourselves to believe that the idea of "normal" is real... when you let go of the idea that anyone or anything is genuinely normal and not just an act people put up for the face of society... you let go of the idea that this is a curse or this is strange or socially unacceptable and you embrace the idea that YOU are the unique one and fuck everyone else lol... Thats how I feel about it, and I reiterate that I would hate to see something I hold dearly to my heart, something that I enjoy with close friends and something that has brought me meaningful relationships and closer-knit friendships, would become mainstream for people to just dissect and destroy the innocence of....

    But like i said, maybe i'm just weird. But I will say that wearing diapers and being ABDL would grow in momentum and popularity if we began embracing our community instead of pushing it away... people giggle and laugh when they tell their friends " i like whips and leather *teehee*" and get responses like "omg! you're so kinky heehee"... .but when ABDLS confess their ABDLism, they treat it like a cancer confession... and people respond like they would for anything negative.. if we start treating it as something so simple as BDSM, then we would gain more interest and more community and it WOULD become something relatively or subjectively normal..

    Let me give you an example: at first, i was shy and scared and negative about my ABDL lifestyle, and whenever i told people or when people asked about something they "saw", I would get all nervous and anxious and worried and they would respond as though they had some kind of pitty for me... at some point i stopped doing this and I started treating it like its just a cute little quirk like smoking or wood carving, and suddenly (and I SHIT YOU NOT on this) people started showing INTEREST.... my best friend wore with me, spent time with me, took care of me, made me feel a baby.... my other best friend would encourage me to wear diapers and would tell me to stop being silly and put one on before going out to the movies or something... other friends even babied me the FIRST time I told them and it left me in shock because they thought it was cute, they thought it was normal... so normal in fact that whenever i would make comments about psychos on the news like "man, and i thought I was crazy with my abdl thing", my friends would respond with "no, THOSE people are crazy... what you do is actually normal".... like it left me mind boggled because they called what I once thought was the strangest thing in the world, "normal"....

    Normality can be achieved, it just takes the right attitude, with the right attitude ~ even the strangest things can become normal. Fear not however, a lot of my friends who I told would often respond initially with "oh yeah, I heard about that on (x) show!" and i was lucky enough to be friends with men and women who are mature enough to understand that not everyone in this world is the same, so they didn't immediately assume that because i was ABDL/Little, that i was exactly like Stanley or Riley or all those other people on TV (not saying they were all bad, but the media portrays us like psychos)..

    Sorry for going off on this tangent lol, i just felt the need to make this point.

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    That's a good question! It got me thinking. First, if wearing diapers became the standard then there would be no need to potty train babies. Children would just grow up thinking diapers are normal. Would children who were never potty trained be able to learn that function later in life if they so desired? I've heard somewhere that it would be very difficult for most and impossible for some. Would our bladders shrink after several generations and possibly loose its ability to function forever?

    Could it become mainstream? I doubt it, but I don't doubt it might gain in popularity and even become socially acceptable for a person to wear diapers simply because they choose to do so.

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    That would be great. It would allow it to be actually ok to take of business and then change into a nice clean diaper.

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    It would probably make me less embarrassed about it and be more open to my family about it and I wouldn't hide it as much from my brothers and their wives/girlfriend and their kids and my relatives. I also wouldn't hide it as much under my clothing like people don't with their underwear. I would basically be letting the whole world know I wear them without telling them I do. Also kids may not be bullied about wearing diapers, especially if they have to wear. I also wouldn't have to worry about CPS being called on me because I wear diapers and don't have a medical condition and I wouldn't have to lie about why I wear them if anyone asks. I also think it would make it easier for AB/DLs to get relationships because people wouldn't be bothered by a diaper.

    I bet diapers would be less of a stigma and they wouldn't be made crap anymore and they would look less medical and diapers would have more pictures on them like baby diapers do and boxers and panties. They would also be called diapers than briefs.

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    Lol I have thought about this many times.

    I reckon that if everyone needed to wear Diapers then Diapers them self would become more personalized they would become like clothes, with a wide range of colours prints and styles to suit people's personality's, Diaper companies would be pushing boundaries in design to appeal to different age groups.

    Could you just imagine the TV commercials.....Lol

    To add I think Click image for larger version. 

Name:	images (1).jpg 
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ID:	21183 and Click image for larger version. 

Name:	download.jpg 
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ID:	21184 would exploit the new market opportunity and most lightly would launch a new wide range of adult disposable diapers.

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    Very good opinions

    I myself who is (partially) incontinent would like to see diapers become at least something not to be shamed of, like no one would react in anyway seeing my diaper under my trousers.

    It's hard to understand why diapers are still such a taboo? No one makes fun of people who have a visible cast because of a broken bone? Diapers should not be associated with babies and elderly only, that is the biggest problem I think. Secondly, perhaps people are somehow disgusted while automatically wondering "does that guy have a poop in his diaper?!".

    The right step forward from this would be diaper commercials including people of all ages and bringing it out to the media in all kind of ways. In that sense, big diaper manufacturers like tena, abena, molicare, attends etc should thrive to be as visible and commonly known like pampers.

    I truly hope we achieve this one day :/
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