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    Hi the names fred im a long time lurker first time poster. Ive been wondering for a while if theres amyone else out there who works in care more specifically if anyone has to deal with diapers as part of their work? Aside from a steady stream of of tena slips I feel fairly indiffirent if not a little awkward when haveing to change other people and when im changeing myself and stuff I get horrible flashes of what I did earlyer that day makeing me feel abit shot about the whole thing. Needless to say im quitting that that job in a week or so. So its a ll gravay babay!


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    I used to work as a CNA. I was not actively DL at the time, so it had no reaction with me whatsoever.

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    Welll, I'm a parent, so... Yeah, I suppose so. As I've mentioned on other threads, I was afraid that having to change diapers all day would send me into an uncontrollable binge. Like you, though, I experienced a sort of moderating effect. While the kids were in diapers full time, I was less inclined to wear. Diapers were, first and foremost, a parenting tool, and that made them a bit less interesting.

    Of course, once the diaper phase was behind us, my own diaper interests returned to "normal."

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    I was a personal care provider in an assisted living home for the elderly and many of them wore diapers, usually of the pull-up variety. It didn't cause any feelings for me; just part of the job. But I did generally avoid the brand of diapers they used at my job. So when shopping for myself I'd never buy the work-brand. Also at my job we never used the word 'diaper' because it could embarrass the residents. We called them protection, or pads, or sometimes just underwear.

    I also agree with Cottontail, they did sometimes become less interesting during my career there. I was less inclined to wear myself. Sometimes I would get unwanted flashbacks to my work and I'd have to shake my head of it and ignore it. Thoughts happen, memories happen, they don't have to control you. Just acknowledge the thought/memory and don't judge it as good or bad, just let it be, and it won't have much power over you. It's when we obsess over these thoughts, that is where the problem lies.

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    I know of people who work in nursing, some older mates who went into that sector, i would imagine they do deal with incontinence at some level with patients, im not entirely sure

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    We have daycare where I work and sometimes I had to go in there to clean and there are dirty diapers in there because we have to empty out the trash.

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    Like Cottontail, when my kids were little, I didn't have much desire to wear diapers while I was changing their's. I actually was trying to keep all of that out of my head when I married and became a dad. I thought I could kick it, but here I am.

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    I work as a project engineer and there is a manufacturer nearby, First Quality, who makes incontinence products. I often think of interviewing there, but wonder if it would be awkward if they asked why I knew so much on the subject of adult incontinence briefs. I always shy away from sending a resume.

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