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    Just home from work nappy on plastic pants and onesie. All nice and snug for the snow

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    Snow? In June? *head explodes*

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    Im sorry i gotta ask this where do you live.

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    Are you from NZ? Supposed to be a snowstorm up Central Otago tonight/next few days...

    Edit - it snows in Australia? I know you guys have skifields, just kidding. Although from what I've heard, they aren't as good as NZ's. But ours are nothing compared to the US/Europe/Japan.

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    I live in Minnesota we had close to 10 inches of rain on Thursday/friday after looking at the weather I scrolled down and saw I vid on Montana getting a few inches in June !

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    Yeah I'm from Montana and it tried to snow about a week ago but it never accumulated and was pretty much rain but up in the mountains it snowed a bit. We have had snow storms in July and August before.

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