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Thread: Going mining padded?

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    Default Going mining padded?

    Well, I'm going gold mining (prospecting more or less) and I have decided that since I am going for 7 or 8 days depending on how good the location is as well as the fact of me driving 300+ miles to get there, I am going to wear 24/7. I will be wearing sweat pants over my diaper and I am going to be bringing wipes as well, now for my questions... I have a 14 pack of unopened Abeana M4's plastic backed of course and an unopened pack of 12 ATN mediums which are overnight plastic backed which hold 2-3 wettings where as the Abeana M4's hold 4-5 for me and if they are messed I plan to change them, disposal will be done with plastic bag and the campfire (I've burnt (melted) soda cans in the orange coals below a fire before so no doubt it will turn a diaper and wipes in a bag to ash) so, with the above math at 3 Abeana M4's a day that's roughly 5 days of 24/7 wear for the full 14 pack but how many ATN's do I need for the next 2-3 days??

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    Remember that you will need to pack out everything you bring in. Including used diapers. And diapers actually don't burn. They've determined the SAP in diapers actually functions well as a fire retardant. So yeah, bad idea.

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    Yeah, I'm with NovaDL: You're going to have to pack out your spent dispies, and that doesn't sound like fun at all. You could easily spend more time coping with the logistics of being diapered in the woods than you would searching for gold.

    I'd suggest packing a couple of diapers for special occasions and planning to do your 24/7 run at another time/place.

    And besides: You can only earn your 24/7 merit badge by wearing diapers when toilets are readily available and taunting you, begging you to use them. In the woods, you can take a dump right on the ground and everybody'll be like, "yeah, ok." It's the wrong place to take the 24/7 challenge.

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    I second that burning them is a bad idea. To get a diaper to burn you need to boil off all the pee. Think of how much heat you need to boil a quart dry and how long it takes. It will smolder and stink for a long time before turning to ash unless you are talking a bonfire.

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    They also stink summat chronic when you burn them. Any Rangers in the area will not be impressed.

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    You can burn very very hot/large bonfires and barrel fires...

    I've done it before....but it's not environmentally friendly...

    Not sure if you going to be alone, or with a group....but they WILL be noticed on the fire!

    If your in a park/public lands the fine is usually pretty steep too...

    I'm ic, so I've packed them in/out for ever...not a huge deal...just takes some planning...

    Remember they take twice the room or more once used...and they may get a serious funk going, especially messy diapers after any length of time...

    I've packed them in/out on Mt. rainier, glacier national park, overseas, and on airplanes for more than 20's not that much of a deal...and I don't have a choice....

    Get some gallon ziplock bags, and a large duffle bag for used ones...that is what I've used on most off the grid trips...

    If there is a local town or outpost you may be able to get there every few days and dump some...

    Last trip up mt rainier, my friends wife was all worried about packing out used feminine products...they know my ic, so I just talked to her...not a big deal...I packed them out for her...not much extra bulk after all...She was even thinking of cancelling her trip over it...perspective I guess!...and we didn't even get to summit...bad weather kept us a bit shy of that goal...

    Anyhow, if it's important, do extra duffle bag isn't a big deal in the end!

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    Well, the fire reaches the point where if you put a stick in the orange coals it spontaneously combusts, pull ups burn up when laid on top in about 2 minutes from what I noticed when another of our party was camping with us a few years back. However, when I go there are no "park rangers" just Alaska state troopers looking for drunks and I am going in august so there will be a slim to no chance of other campers where I will be. My motto is, if it is hot enough to turn an MRE packet (empty) to ash its hot enough to turn a diaper to ash. I don't need to pack much out as I am planning on staying in my "large SUV" during my trip, but anything I do need to pack out I will such as soda cans, empty shell casings, pretty much anything not burnable... The fire gets plenty hot because I will be creekside using rocks as a fire pit and in 85 degree daytime weather and having a small bon fire with 3-5 logs at a time.

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    You know most rangers if they see black smoke. They might think your injury and check to see what up. Or if your in a area like California where there a drought conditions. It could start a forest fire.

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    We don't have rangers up here we have "wildlife officers" and black smoke can be from certain types of bark or wood burning... And as I said creekside in Alaska.

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