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Thread: $200 to spend on ABDL stuff...

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    Default $200 to spend on ABDL stuff...

    So, I've got $200 to spend on ABDL stuff (diapers included)

    What should I buy?

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    That all depends on what all you like ABDL wise. For me, it would be all diapers, maybe a couple sex toys(that work with diapers), a non-babyish onesie(more to hold the diaper up tight), and maybe some locking plastic pants. But others may say a bunch of baby clothes, maybe some pacifiers, bottles, etc. Each to their own so you have to decide what you like and go from there.

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    Mmm, Lucky you! I'm waiting till I've moved out and am living on my own...
    But well, if it was me... I'd probably buy a bunch of diapers since that's kinda my main interest... Maybe a plushy, but I've never really had one, so not so sure about that...
    I hope you'll find something you can have fun with :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaciAlone View Post
    So, I've got $200 to spend on ABDL stuff (diapers included)

    What should I buy?
    Do you want consumables, durables, or a mix? In the long run you'll appreciate durables more. I think a onesie or footed jammies would be a good investment. Good footed jammies will last you years, but will probably knock out 2/3 of that fund. Maybe spend the remainder on a half a case of premium diapers?

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    i would buy a onesie, plastic pants and some really nice diapers

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    Depends on what you are into...a onesie or footed sleeper is likely a good investment if you like that sort of thing. Also stocking up on a brand of diapers you enjoy is never a bad idea.

    If it was me I would be spending it all on diapers as Im not really into the ab side of things.

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    It'd suggest a onesie, and plastic pants right behind diapers. After that it's pretty much what you truly want. No one can truly know what you like. Just takes m take some time and decide what you'd like most

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    you should invest in some good cloth diapers.

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    Ebay!!!! Sample packs of 2 different diapers you want to try!! try ab/dl on ebay onesies, pacies, diapers, plushies etc when you find something try Amazon first to compare I buy alot of stuff there too

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