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Thread: Last movie watched?

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    Default Last movie watched?

    Well, I figured since we have one for the last anime and cartoon or whatever, why not this for movies? :O

    Anyway, what was the last movie you watched?

    I'm currently watching Little Women as I type this.

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    Just got done watched the movie Joe. Kind of a weird movie but it was pretty good.

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    Watching The Hunt for Red October right now, Men In Black II last night. I canceled cable last year so now I watch a movie every night.

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    I watched How to Train your dragon yesterday , toothless is adorable !

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    I watched "Scarecrow" on Syfy last night. It's basically an allegorical statement as to how societal mores shape our behavior under stressful conditions. Okay, it was really a ridiculous pile of crap.

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    22 Jump Street. Just as good as the first

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    Think the last film I watched was Das Boot

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    THE PIRATE FAIRY. <3<3<3<3

    No, seriously. I LOVE this movie so much. *coughtomhiddlestoncough*

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