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Thread: Attends Slip Regular Plus experiences

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    Question Attends Slip Regular Plus experiences

    I'm thinking of buying them, they are attends' most absorbent diapers (I think)
    Are they any good?

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    I'm from the UK and I buy attends all the time.I buy regular 10 and have no complaints with fit or absorbing.I would recommend them personally.

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    From an ABDL aspect I found the lack of thickness to be frustrating, I had to double up before I felt like I was Diapered, but with that said, for such a thin Diaper they really are very absorbent, but it's the lack of thickness that killed it for me, so I wont be buying them again.

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    Well, the lack of thickness is a plus to me. I can always put a booster or double up. Thanks

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    only tried the 'regulars' in the 8-9 form (as available from Boots and in the Siempre form), but the 10 in the Active version is very absorbant (they do swell quite a bit), so they should work. i keep meaning to try some, myself.

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    Bought them today and I was very pleased. They are quite comfortable and after wetting it it feels very thick and warm. My first "real" adult diapers.

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