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Thread: I went and wore diapers in public and LOVED it.

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    Default I went and wore diapers in public and LOVED it.

    Last night I went and met a local group of bigs and littles and while that was fun by itself, I think it made me a little brave.

    When I went home afterwards I decided I wanted to wear my diapers again, it had been too long since I last enjoyed it. So I began by taking a shower and packing my cloth cushies and some baby powder in a bag, I wore some baggy cargo shorts and no underwear and got in my car, but not before awkwardly having to walk past my neighbors. I drove to a local target and put my diaper on in the parking lot then went for a drive around town, mind you this was all done past midnight.

    Some places I went to were McDonald's for a late-night snack, and I also went to some parks to walk around, it was all alone and dark and I really enjoyed hearing the crunch of the grass and the soft crinkle of my cushies, I also took my shorts off and layed down on my seat for quick shut eye, I was woken up by people getting into the car parked in front of mine and I think I heard some one make a comment about "the guy sleeping in just his underwear in the car." To which of course I had to have a few laughs about. I really wanted to park my car and walk upstairs to my house but quickly changed my mind and took another spin around town.

    I had some great ME time and I will surely be doing it again in the future, but first I gotta re-stock my diapers.

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    Sounds like you had an adventurous night, having time to yourself is great to reflect on life and wearing Diapers whilst doing so can make it all that much better. I personally can not wait until I go Diapered on the beach for a little bit of me time, hopefully next week if the weather's good, but I'm glad you had a nice evening.*Monkey*

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    I really enjoy the thrill of being diapered in public!
    I'm glad you enjoyed yourself though

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    I go out most times diapered. Better than finding a Toilet

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    I sometimes like going out in public while wearing a diaper. Last week I did some toy hunting while wearing a diaper. It made me fill little again doing that.

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    Next step will be getting diapered BEFORE leaving your house. Diapered door-to-door. (bonus pts for arriving home WET, even if only a little bit!)

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    The thought of going out in diapers is more appealing to me then the act. I get excited by the thought of walking around with a padded bum with no one knowing, but in actuality when doing it I am usually uncomfortable, sweaty, chaffing, and then tend to not be able to focus on the tasks at hand. I sometimes enjoy sort of exhibitionist style behavior, standing on my balcony of the apartment in a wet diaper with short over top, or walking around the place in nothing but a diaper ( i live on the top floor and do not have blinds in the main living area.

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    I go everywhere padded. I hardly think about it but they come in handy on long drives or poor restroom conditions. Long walks might be nice too.

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    hummm i havent done this in for ever so i guess this is what i will do saturday. go out and enjoy myself. i might go to see a movie.

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    Sounds like you had a fun time!

    I've been diapered out in public before, but never with an exposed diaper.

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