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    Default Invisible friends?

    I know I've asked this before, but the thread died. :[ So, I'm making a new one for users who are new and have never posted in the old thread, I guess? XD I also wanted to make this one better than one I had before.

    Anyway, do you have invisible friends? What are there names? How old are they? Why do you have them? What are they like?

    For me, I've had two of my best invisible friends since I lived in Fairfield, Maine. So, that would probably be around 2000 or 2001? Yeah. Anyway, their names are Joey and Veronykah (She spells it like that). I forgot how old they are since they technically only change their ages when I change mine. I think they are a bit younger than me, say around 20ish? I named them after a bunch of trains that used to go by my house everyday. XD

    I became attached to them. I have others too, but the rest of them live in Maine and are still at the train station. Basically, Veronykah and Joey became 'human' in my mind. I'm not sure how though but they just did. Actually, in my mind, they can somehow transform from a train to a human or something... yeah I don't even watch transformers or anything lol.

    Anyway, Joey is autistic. He's had a rough past with his father after he was abused a lot. He's still in diapers because he was never properly potty-trained with all of the abuse he had endured. He has several problems, kind of like me... but he's a little worse than I am though.

    Veronykah is kind of normal compared to me and Joey. She's what you would call a little. I guess you could consider her that? I don't really know what she is since I haven't put much thought into it. D:

    So, what about you? :O

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    Thank you for busting the myth that Auties have no imagination. It's just, usually, by the time we develop our imaginations to the point that we can think up a friend, Neurotypicals our age have left that stage behind. For most Auties, though developing imagination takes longer, it's more vivid & unusual in us than in Neurotypicals. It seems to me, that female Auties have an easier time imagining than males.

    I have had several. Most of the ones I had in older childhood were children younger than I. Not a Neurotypical was in the bunch. They were all either Autistic, Palsied, Touretties, severely ADHD effected, or in some way differently wired. I was their foster/adoptive mom. I usually pulled them out of bad situations. Because of the different neuro-wiring, all either had issues potty learning, or just never learned. I never once punished any of them for not going potty. I did find that taking the pressure off the potty learning process helped, especially for the ones who, before living with me, got the stuffing beaten out of them when they, "missed a pottytunity."

    In real life, by the time I volunteered at a special needs preschool, I was glad for the dress rehearsal. People wondered why I was so good.

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    My imaginary friend that I have kept all my life is a Centaur from a far-away planet. Yes! As an Autistic with Cerebral Palsy, I do have an imagination.

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    I never did but my best friend and 1 year younger brother did!!! He called him casper like the ghost He had him as a friend from age 7 until he passed away at age 19 at times today when something feels a little odd its my baby brother or casper letting me know there!

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    For me, my "imaginary friends" are not quite Long story short, I can talk to spirits. Never can say I am Although I currently have one around me who's a real pain in my diapered butt. But yea, keeps life interesting. It's just hard to prove to kids growing up that your talking with someone who they can't see or hear. Got called crazy a lot so I stopped talking about it to people. So anyway, that's it for me.


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