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Thread: Do you ever name inanimate objects?

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    Default Do you ever name inanimate objects?

    No, I don't mean stuffed animals. I mean other things like say your phone or your computer, tv... just stiff like that. I also didn't know where else to put this, so I just placed it in off topic instead. XD

    So, do you?

    I do. I named my phone Rainbow Dash because it's the same color as her. I also named my laptop Yuki because it's white and reminded me the color of snow and what not. I did name my old PS2 I had tiger once because it reminded me of one. I even named the fan in the living room Elastic because Lasko sounds like Elastic to me. XD My iPad's name is Izaya, but I'm not sure why. I guess because it's evil sometimes? XD I also think I named it that because I just love Izaya Orhihara from Durarara!!. I could go on forever about what I've named and stuff. My 3DS or Vita don't have names yet since I haven't really thought of any. :[

    Edit: I think I should name my Vita Blackie because it's Black, I guess. I have this habit of naming things though so...

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    The closest I've gotten was assigning a gender to specifically precious items; calling my 61 keys an "it" just won't fly for me, she's a beautiful instrument with a gorgeous voice and thus deserves to be referred to as a "she". :P

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    I name all my electronics all-kinds of names because I am an electronic freak I love all electronics. I named my laptop "Blaze", I named my Xbox 360 "Snivy", I named my phone "Totodile", Any electronic I have will have a name especially ridiculous stuff like my clock is named "Jesse" ^^ But i'm still highly smart in Aviation so I think I will have a fancy name for a tool on a plane such as a Boeing-747 or a MD-11.

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    A club I'm in at school has a stock fan that everyone calls stocky which is pretty funny. We even called one of the sound system radios Raffy because he was won at a raffle.

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    I don't usually name inanimate objects, but I know I will probably be giving my car a name when I get one eventually.

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    actually yes i have. I guess you can call me a book freak and any book i get 384 by the way im always naming.the first book I ever got was from my grandfather( which I find extremely strange considering he even had this book) when I was 4 a first edition 1902 " The little white bird" I call it Zero

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    I've assigned names to all of the Violins I ever owned, and they've all been girls in my mind. Likewise, my sister named her Cellos, and they've all been boys.

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    I had a 67 Pontiac LeMans I called Swineherd, because it was often in need of washing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I had a 67 Pontiac LeMans I called Swineherd, because it was often in need of washing.
    my mom had one of those cars( I thought it was a monster when i was 5)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tai View Post
    my mom had one of those cars( I thought it was a monster when i was 5)
    I recently tried to convince my wife that we should buy a 67 GTO off of Ebay, but she didn't bite. My LeMans was also a convertible. The car was blue with a white top, and I so wish I had it back....sigh.

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