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Thread: Sumer Games Done Quick 2014, a videogames marathon

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    Default Sumer Games Done Quick 2014, a videogames marathon

    Hello everyone

    I want to tell you that from june 22, until june 28,there will be a videogames marathon Sumer Games Done Quick, a charity gaming marathon, speedruners from all around the world will be playing over 150 videogames, from new games to old ones, whiting those 7 days.

    Of course, its a marathon, all the money they collect in those 7 days will be send to Doctors Whitout Borders, a fundation dedicated to delivers emergency medical care to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, natural disasters, or exclusion from health care in more than 65 countries, donating during the marathon will get you a chance to get numerous prizes including games, artworks, perlers and the Grand Prize of a Wii U and a Nintendo 3ds.

    Where can i see it?
    form june 22 to 28 you can enter the page

    Curious and want to know what games they will be playing on those 7 days?
    Here is the Complete Schedule of the marathon

    i hope you have a great time watching it, and if you are interested, you can watch speedruns from their previous marathons on youtube, the user names
    AGDQ Uploads

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    for those who are curious but cant find where to see it, the marathon alredy started, here is the link for the page where you can watch it


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    Chibittybobo was just about the most awkward guy I've seen at those things, I swear.

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