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    Hi I'm Zoe! I'm 26, out of school (just highschool though) and have a job but I'm not really proud of it (I didn't do too good in school) so hopefully it's ok if I don't talk about it too much? I mean I will if I have too... ._.

    I have to be secret with my ABDL side IRL but I love being a little babyfur (a Papillion puppy named Zoe) and I love embracing my baby side with my stash of baby toys and ABU Sissies!

    When I'm not crawling and padded I like to play games, mostly retro stuff because new games don't really interest me (Sega Saturn is the BEST SYSTEM EVER) except for Steam, my internet and pc arent good enough to play the latest and greatest but I like playing things like TF2 and Creeper World III and Super House of Dead Ninjas. I also like to make music, normally east-coast boombap style hiphop beats but I'm still insecure about releasing what I've made so far. Also I'm not a major fan of the show, I've only seen like 2 episodes but I rather like MLP. :3

    One of my friends from another babyfur site (sorry I couldn't refer you, it said that name didn't exist on this site) told me to join up here because I had an emotional crisis about ABDL stuff, and that this place was a friendly place to talk about those kinds of things, and maybe even I could find some other people to talk about games and other stuff too! *O*

    Anyway, *hugs* if you read this far, pwease to meet you! *O*

    (im really scared this is not a good introduction ._,)
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    Welcome Zoe! You did a wonderful introduction! There are many other furries here to be friends with. Hope to see you around in the forum. Jump in on any conversation that you want! (And no, you don't have to talk about your job if you don't want to)

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    Thank you! I think I'll like it here *O*

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