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Thread: Diapered in slightly transparent pant!

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    Default Diapered in slightly transparent pant!

    Hi everyone!!!

    Here's a little something i have tried lately.
    I love to wear diaper in public and most of all i love when they are not too hidden.

    Here's what i've done. I went to walmart to buy white pants, the kind that are lightweight and a little bit transparent. I just make sure that they are not too thick so we can barely see what's underneath. Then i went to a shopping mall witch is pretty long with only a few exits. I parked my car at the furthest point from the bathroom of the mall. I put the pants on , took a diaper randomly from a black plastic bag witch contains a mix of 8 different brand and colour diaper with two inserts in a opaque red plastic bag with a small padlock. I walked all the way to the bathroom witch took me about 5 minutes and entered the bathroom, took the first available stall and went into it. I opened the bag, took it's content out and started the game.i have no idea of witch diaper is in the bag and the " coverage" of my new pants.following the rules that i've made, i have to put the diaper on with the two inserts , pull my pants on top of them, thight my belt enough so it is impossible for me to take my pants off or take the diaper off, put the padlock on( with the key left in my car). Get out of the stall , throw the bag in the garbage and get out of the bathroom, all that must be done without looking at my pants at all. Once back in public i took a look at my pants, oh oh!!!! I could easily recognise the diaper by its green and yellow stripes, it was my abena x-plus. The lines showed up slightly in front of the pants but enough for me to see it. Still i have to walk 5-6 minutes in the mall at everyone's sight. About halfway, i pass in front of a store witch has mirror on its entrance. My god!!!! I can notice the lines in front of my pants but the two booster pad were placed a bit too far in the back of the diaper(probably because i could'nt look at that moment) and it makes a huge bump in my back. Even more embarassing, it pushes the diaper and its striped hard on my pants, making it impossible for anybody behind me not to notice it. My heart went crazy as i could'nt do anything about it, i had to keep going up to my car!!!

    I want to know , is there anyone else who ever tried something like that or what was your crazyest public diaper challenge that you've done???

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    Hello babe1974 and welcome to the group.

    Could you please take a moment and introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your hobbies and interests?

    Again welcome to the group.

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    You know how laundry detergent works? the "brighteners" fluoresce in uv light ie the uv part of sunlight and emit visible bluish light. Optical brightener - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I have done this: wash a cloth diaper (colored or white) and obtain a uv source such as a black light bulb. such as shown here Now your diaper will glow brightly under your semi-transparent trousers. Try going clubbing now: perhaps a trendy gay bar on a fetish night and put on a show. A son et lumiere show. You can order a fitted pullup cloth diaper from many places; I bought one from Babykins

    Pull On Adult Cloth Diaper - Babykins & kins Products

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    Racoon...I love that diaper in the picture. That is so cute. I'm going to make one like that for myself.

    I use to go to the malls rather frequently while diapered. I would wear cloth with plastic pants. I always wore pretty thick diapers as I didn't want to risk leaking while walking around the mall or later while dining at a nearby restaurant. To be honest, I wanted my diapers to show. I would try and make sure that I walked in front of women when walking through the mall because I wanted to see their reactions when the noticed my diapers. I never had a bad reaction from women. In fact some were outright positive. The only bad reaction I had involved a man. After he was made aware by someone he was walking with that I was wearing diapers, he came over to me and started yelling at me calling me about every name in the book. I was in shock and just stood there until he walked away. I have no idea how many people witnessed it as my focus was entirely upon him. The thing I enjoyed the most was dining in at restaurants. I always tried to get a booth. After sitting down I would start tugging on the tail of my t-shirt until there was a fair gap between the tail of my t-shirt and the waistband of my jeans, thus exposing the waistband of my plastic pants and my diapers. I wore plastic pants the were semi-transparent so that my diapers were visible underneath the plastic pants. Most of the time, the waitress taking my order would notice the plastic pants and diaper peeking out between my t-shirt and jeans. I would watch and listen as the waitress went to the kitchen to place my order. Usually there would be a quick discussion between several waitresses and then some giggles and laughter. I always enjoyed hearing women laugh about my situation. Suddenly it seemed as if every waitress in the restaurant found a reason to walk by my booth in order to grab a glance at my diapers in order to see if what they were told was indeed true. When I got up to pay my bill, I always watched to see if any of the waitresses would watch me as I walked through the restaurant to the cash register. I know they were looking to see if there was an outline of my diapers beneath my jeans. I didn't disappoint them. That was my goal for them to notice my diapers and make them aware that I wore diapers. I have many true stories I can share. I know there are people who think I am making these things up. They are so wrong. Most people that know me know I wear diapers and even women's clothing. I haven't kept it very secret.

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