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    thinking of getting a pair of girls denim shorts with a matching top,if any of use girls have then are they nice to wear
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    Quote Originally Posted by happygirl View Post
    thinking of getting a pair of girls demin shorts with a matching top,if any of use girls have then are they nice to wear
    That very much depends on the shorts... not sure if they sport those in the stretch-denim or not... you may do better to cut-off, and hem a pair of girls stretch denim jeans... or get a skirt


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    Just remember that the real girls are dimensionally proportioned differently and those enviable tight denim short shorts while they fit the female frame admirably leave
    a great deal to be desired in comfort and space for the male equipment let alone the low rise butt crack exposing venue. Stretch denim jean material a must !
    Now as for the top - caution here too - the hem length of the top is traditionally shorter than the male counter part i.e. polo shirt/blouse.
    With low rise denim shorts and an ordinary blouse top the danger of mid-riff exposure is amplified - better have a cute belly button or jewelry !
    But if you have the bode for it - go for it.

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    I say go for it. Luv my denim shorts in the summer. Though I'm not sure what's meant by 'matching top'. They're denim shorts, they go with basically everything that jeans go with, and that's a LOT of options.

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    I love wearing short shorts. Its pretty much half of what I always wear. They are super comfortable and super cute, especially when worn with boots. Matching top for short shorts can be anything from a tee shirt, to a tank top or a loose open-back blouse or even a camisole. Short shorts are as good as jeans when it comes to matching, its the color you really have to worry about.

    Also, make sure you realize that girls short shorts have much less "crotch room" so if you have a bulge it will show, and it might be very uncomfortable ~ tucking is recommended.

    I personally prefer all my denim wear to be stretch material, its just way more comfortable than other denim material. I buy all my jeans and shorts at American Eagle Outfitters, they have plenty of cute short shorts and jeans. Though, Old Navy also has really nice ones from time to time.

    Also, if you lack hips, short shorts that are low ride might look strange on you if you have a male body type ~ i would suggest buying high-waisted shorts. It will also make you look a bit strange if you have a bit of a belly, or are lacking in thighs. Not having a butt might also make your butt look flat ~ sometimes this is even a problem for girls ~ my SO has a wonderful ass but there are certain short shorts that make her look like she has a flat ass... so it really just depends on what you like and what you feel looks good on you.

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