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Thread: Causes of incontinence

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    Default Causes of incontinence

    Im sure most of us have read/seen various fictional stories about people with full control suddenly becoming incontinent.

    How do people who suffer with genuine incontinence issues feel about these kind of stories?

    I was also wondering if there were any medical professionals on Adisc who could shed some light on what the main medical issues could lead to this kind of sudden incontinence are? (I tried to google it but only found a confusing mix of stories, fantasies and wiki answers!)

    Elliott (x)

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    The stories are completely irrelevant to my situation therefore I do not care. I don't care if people want to harm themselves by making themselves incontinent, I don't care if they write stories about it, I don't care Period. I think a lot of people that do care have way too much time on their hands, or should be fighting different battles.

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    The thing is, Elliot, that almost anything or nothing at all could lead to incontinence. It is a symptom of dozens of things, and it can pop up all on its own with no connection to anything else due to psychological issues or problems with the bladder, etc. So such things do happen. Heck, it happened to me last year. But in the fiction stories when someone gets diapered and then suddenly starts wetting themselves? That's just silliness. I think that if anyone actually takes any of that stuff seriously, that person needs more help than I could offer.


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    For me, my incontinence was sudden and was brought about by a nerve being severed in my neck by a bone spur. I have cervical and lumbar stenosis with spondylolisthesis which means my back is screwed up pretty bad and looks like someone's twice my age. I have a lot of titanium in my neck and back. Anyway I got up wrong one night and when the nerve got cut I had a pain attack so bad I wet the bed...unfortunately I never stopped wetting. I also bent a metal headboard... I washed the sheets almost every day for weeks and finally started to order diaper samples "in preparation for upcoming surgery recovery". My wife caught on something was wrong and when she asked me I admitted what was going wrong. She totally embraced it and helped me with everything. Now, I am pretty much in something 24x7 since I leak a lot and just can't hold night I can empty my bladder twice and never wake up (which sucks for the leather couches). I also stay very well hydrated which doesn't help.

    However I wouldn't trade it for the world. I can still walk, play golf and make love with my wife so everything is good with me.

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    Here is a new one on me!

    When I got up this morning, instead of putting on a diaper or pull-up, I put on a condom catheter and leg bag. I am trying to get used to those cursed things before we hit the road in July. They are not easy to get used to!

    During the morning and first half of the afternoon I drained the leg bag twice, probably a total of about 1 liter. That was very light for me, but the catheter had become uncomfortable about 3:00PM, so I took it off and got back into the much more comfortable and friendly diaper. I did pee in the toilet while I had nothing on, but there wasn't that much come out. But since I got back into that diaper it's been like the fountain of youth! I have been peeing almost non-stop, not a torrential flood, but just a slow and steady flow, sometimes a drip, but completely out of my control and almost steady. Anybody know what's going on? Has my body become so accustomed to diapers that it doesn't want to pee unless I'm wearing one? This has been such an incredible experience, but I wish I could understand it. I was beginning to think maybe I was regaining some control, but not now!

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    To each thier own...

    But, there are so many different causes...

    For me...I've always been ic at night...I don't wake up, or feel like I have to pee...I feel it was causes originally by near fatal spinal meningitis as a 2yo...

    Durring day...was ok if close to a rest room....

    Then, got worse after a car crash...head on at highway speed....3 blown discs and some spinal cord damage and tbi

    That and the myriad of drugs...makes it worse...

    I do know a couple people that have ic from other injuries as well...

    I'm sure there are some of the stories that are I usually give them the benefit...

    I do however think anyone that injurs themself to cause ic is a blithering idiot....or worse!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basbugboy View Post
    Im sure most of us have read/seen various fictional stories about people with full control suddenly becoming incontinent.

    How do people who suffer with genuine incontinence issues feel about these kind of stories?

    I was also wondering if there were any medical professionals on Adisc who could shed some light on what the main medical issues could lead to this kind of sudden incontinence are? (I tried to google it but only found a confusing mix of stories, fantasies and wiki answers!)

    Elliott (x)
    Personally I dislike AB/DL Themed stories in general.
    Nothing much to do if there is incontinence involved or not. Simply not my kind of thing.

    That aside, the incontinence aspect, as with a lot of other stuff when reading books / watching movies .... I'm a huge fan of realism and research / believability.
    Whilst there are exceptions - for example if I venture into sci-fi (albeit I prefer sci-fi stuff where the tech is "feasible" and not just completely out of the potential future reality - or at least if the sci-fi "world" is elaborately constructed to make the exceptional possible) or with well made fantasy stuff like lord of the rings.
    But if I read a crime-novel and its full of bullshit CIS type crap I usually throw the book out of the proverbial window.

    And with some stories I have read it is often far worse - the reason why someone becomes a bedwetter / suddenly completely incontinent are so absurd that it simply screams "crap".
    Medical basics get done wrong, etc... really wrong. and the worst in my book are the kind of stories where someone progresses from adult to incontinent adult (accident) to being 24/7 diapers to turning into a "baby".
    Maybe it's because the AB aspect has literally no appeal to me in real life - but it's simply because the stories are so cliche and so overdone and focus only on cheap "reasonings" why that person suddenly needs to be put in diapers etc.
    Stuff like hospital settings where you get suddenly diapered 24/7 because someone had one "acciedent"... (it doesn't happen)..
    And then at home the girlfriend need to still put the poor sod into diapers (for some reasons the protagonist seems so incapable that a simple task like diapering isn't self-possible anylonger).
    Also its always diapers diapers diapers... there's simply no reality involved - its pure "fap-fiction" and I personally dislike stuff like that.
    it's like cheaply done porn that for some reason needs dialog. damn... if I'd want to see two fuck-bunnies at work, add some soundtrack but skip the non-sense tacky dialog Don't pretend to be a "movie" with more content than overdone sex.

    Now to your question regarding the "real" medical issues that can lead to incontinence.
    To be honest it is a VERY complex matter and ranges from
    - weak pelvic floor musculature
    - prostate issues
    - damaged bladder sphincter
    - Nerve injury / damage (either from accidents, or since birth... etc.)
    - psychological issues
    - Multiple Sclerosis
    - Bladder problems (overactive bladder for example)
    - there's more....

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    My incontinence is kind of weird. When I was 15, I was ran over by a car. The same night at the hospital they did x-rays and stuff, but found nothing. Told me I was very lucky. Couple of days later, I started to wet the bed and have random accidents during the day as well. I was pretty baffled, since I did notice when I needed to go, but for some reason I started to pee without noticing. Mostly at night during sleep.

    I was incredibly embarresed and told no one of it. Instead I used all my allowance to buy libero night comfort pants (big pull-up diapers). Another symptom also appeared, extreme back pain. That happened randomly too.

    I believe it was somewhere at the age of 18 I was finally ready to see the doctor. After a buch of tests, I found out that I had spinal nerve damage and my backbone was very slightly twisted (very, very slightly. Cannot be recognized with naked eye). Because of the nerve damage, the alarm that runs up your spine from bladder muscle of needing to go doesn't always reach my brain and the bladder muscle relaxes, emptying itself.

    Solution? None. The surgery of spinal cord and it's nerves is extremely dangerous and expensive. There will be no other downsides, only partial incontinence and random back pains (that have become less painful with exercise and stretching).

    Funny thing though, I was kind of interested in diapers in pre/elementary school and sometimes after that. When they were introduced back into my life, I didn't mind at all. I was pretty excited

    Sure there are times when I hate having IC, but it doesn't really stop you from living a normal life and having a normal relationship. It's just life and there are worse things than not fully controlling your bladder.

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    My mild and somewhat random IC problem started when I was in high school. A few drips after urination now it has devolved to full on spurts at times or the need to go right after using the restroom. I have been to a urologist and physical therapist. I have been keeping a diary of when it happens most often. Still not sure of the exact cause.

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    I'm not a medical professional, but my experience is that most people don't really understand what incontinence is. In short, it's a loss of bladder and/or bowel control and, therefore, a symptom of disease, illness or loss of function. In practice, incontinence can range from mild to complete and involve pelvic muscles, bladder muscles and/or the associated nerves. Many people probably experience a few episodes of functional incontinence as teens or adults, but probably would never consider themselves incontinent. You don't just become completely incontinent without some underlying cause.

    Stories about becoming incontinent and then being diapered by some attractive person of the opposite sex are infantalistic, masochistic and humiliation fantasies. If that's what you're into then great. I don't mind them and I think they can be a turn on at times. However, the reality of incontinence is much different.

    I wear diapers 24/7 due to severe urge incontinence (bladder and bowel). At the same time, I have been in my career for over 20 years and currently hold a full-time job, two part-time jobs and enjoy an active lifestyle. I refuse to let incontinence (or anything else) slow me down. However, if I had a choice to only wear diapers when I felt like being little or being dominated, I would in a heartbeat. Once again, big difference between that and being truly incontinent. I got to a point several years ago when I couldn't go to any more doctors and try solution X, which may or may not work and cause side effects that were often worse than the incontinence.

    So, I march on and try not to judge others for their desires even if they sound naive or different than mine.

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