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    Just about to order a new batch of diapers and I need some advice. Im torn between Bambinos again which I usually get, or giving the Tena Slip Maxi a try while I can still get the plastic backed ones. I need thoughts from those who have tried both.

    Price wise the Tenas make sense. A bag of 24 for $58 shipped to my door or 16 Bams for $46 dollars.

    What I REALLY want is Cushies but I live in Canada and I cannot accept a price of $51 for 10 of those from our only retailer Rearz... that just criminal.

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    You get a much better deal buy purchasing the whole case. I would get the Tenas since this may be your last opportunity to try them. Another option to consider is Dry 24/7. Today is the last day of the promo price.

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    I went with the Tenas! Looking forward to giving them a try. Read lots of reviews and they seem to be good

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    While you're still sampling around, I'd say a bag is the best bet. You really can't tell much from a sample of one or two, and a case can turn into a waste if you don't like them, they don't fit, etc.

    Don't order from the manufacturers. Order from a reseller that has a variety on-hand. Get three or four bags of four different variety of diapers to try. Saves on shipping, helps balance out the higher markup on bags vs cases. And when you (inevitably) burn through whichever type you liked the most, at least you'll have a bit of something to wear in the meanwhile whilst you wait for your case or two of them to arrive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by medicNS View Post
    I went with the Tenas! Looking forward to giving them a try. Read lots of reviews and they seem to be good
    So what'd you think of the Tenas?

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    Try em all. I just got some super-dreadful Harmonie, the purpose of which is to make us appreciate the good stuff. I have abdl guests from time to time... and like to have guest padding

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