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Thread: Nintendo 3DS Friend codes

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    Since I didn't see a topic for this I thought it'd be a good idea. Post your friend code and games you like to play so people can add you on their 3DS.

    I'll begin: My friend code is 4656-8055-0598 and I play Animal Crossing: New Leaf (I have the special edition 3DS XL :3), Pokemon Y, and I'll be getting a lot more games soon

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    Hello, My friend code is 0645-5985-6251, I also have pokemon y and animal crossing, but havent played them in a while, i am playing Bravely Default and Harvest Moon a new beginning

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    Mine is 5000-1842-9101. I mostly just play Pokemon X. I don't play any other games. D: I just have a black and red 3DS XL. XD

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