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    So my parents are going out of town tuesday and I ordered a pack off amazon that should arrive Wednesday. Should it come Tuesday and my parents ask what's in the box, should I just say it's something techy or what's a good lie? I also am going on a trip when they're gone part of the time. I guess I could say that they are earbuds for the plane ride. I get stuff from amazon a lot and same with other companies (i'm a product reviewer). They ask about 50% of the time. I guess if they do come early I can just say that amazon made a mistake and that I didn't order them and then pretend to call amazon support. I've waited 6 years for this moment but i'm extremely nervous. Your thoughts?

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    If you ordered diapers, earbuds might not be the best excuse (size difference)

    Being a product reviewer is the perfect answer.
    If you have something fairly large from before, that you didn't tell about, show that if asked.

    Take a deep breath and relax and good luck.

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    I would say it was something techy.When they got back and asked to see what you bought, say it was faulty and you sent it back.

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    Just pick a friend that your parents don't have much contact with and say you ordered something on his behalf and that he is going to pay you for it when you give it to him, that way your parents wont ask to see what's inside as it's not your parcel to open and that should be the end of the conversation. good luck and enjoy. *Monkey*

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    I don't understand why people aren't saying it's none of your business enough. You are over 18. Whether your parents like it or not you have rights. One of those rights is not to be bothered about what you receive in the mail. If you insist on giving an answer, a nicely placed I don't know works wonders. However your parents are not entitled to a response.

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    If you do product reviews, that shouldn't be a problem. Say it's computer hardware and nothing more, but don't act suspicious, if they ask you again tell them that you've already installed it in your computer so they can't see the supposed content of the package.

    Monkey Doodle suggestion is great, take it into consideration.

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    You could probably get away with saying that you ordered a neck pillow online since those are common items taken on a plane.

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