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Thread: Pre bedtime routine

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    Default Pre bedtime routine

    Hi all was just wondering what every ones
    Bed time routine was
    After bath or shower ???

    Mine involves lots of talc
    A nice comfy nappy and onesie
    Then read a book before falling asleep
    What's your's ?

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    Once I have my diaper on, I like to sit up and color for a while. I find it surprising how pleasant it is to color like a child, not worrying about the quality of the pictures, but just letting go.

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    A typical night for my wife and I: After getting ready for bed, we change each other into our "comfy underwear". Then we do word puzzles and surf reddit to unwind. Then it's lights out and sweet dreams. Zzzzzzzz...

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    Watch TV online or via DVD.
    Wash Up, Brush Teeth.
    Change into clean, dry diaper.
    Into bed.
    Listen to WBUR-FM, 90.9 MHz, Boston University Radio until ~ 1:30 AM.
    Fall asleep hugging my plushies which protect me from bad dreams.

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    Get home, get nice clothes off, change into diaper, make dinner.
    Play games for a while, then brush teeth, wash up, get PJs on.
    If I'm pretty wet, I'll change my diaper, otherwise I go to bed with the same one if it's only a little wet.
    Cuddle plushies, fall asleep
    I shower in the morning, rather than the evening, change out of my diaper, back into nice clothes, and off to face the day.

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    Diaper nights:

    Hmm.... I usually put one on early in the evening and watch TV late till late in the night. By then it's either soaked or messy. I'll take a shower, clean up and change back into a fresh diaper. Then it's a little bit more TV or reddit before bed.

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    Definitely no diapee, but I do take a bubble bath, with the suds supplied by a generous use of baby shampoo. (love the smell.) Then it's mix up some chocolate or strawberry milk, with some mildly alcoholic Irish Cream added in. This I might pop in my favorite binky, and color some on the computer, while I wait for the effects of the melatonin supplement to kick in. Then it's night-nights for this "little" guy, until his cell phone alarm goes off 6 or 7 hours later, and he is shocked back into the sucky reality that he is a supposed "grown up" who has to go to work. Bummer.

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    Just a nice cold bottle of milk before bed.

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    bath or shower
    brush my teeth then clean my diaper area with baby wipes then apply powder then my diaper and then go to bed.

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