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Thread: Decreasing the smell?

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    I'm sure there have probably been a few threads on this already but I figured I would open the topic to some new ideas.
    Basically, I really would enjoy messing in addition to just wetting every now and then but I always avoid it because the few times I have it has not been a very enjoyable experience. The sensation is great but within 20 seconds the sheer smell is enough to completely ruin the experience. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to help mask or decrease the odor of a dirty diaper so you don't feel the need to tear it off and burn it within 30 seconds. I know they make pills to help remove the odor of your bowels but considering this would only be an occasional thing pills aren't really efficient.

    So far I've thought of sprinkling cornstarch in prior to messing, spraying the inside of the diaper down with FDS, and making a bit of a plastic pant-like diaper covering out of the diaper pale bags made for neutralizing the odor.

    Something I thought was very interesting were these new undergarments called Shreddies made for neutralizing the smell of flatulence. They also have a line of underwear made for urinary incontinence to prevent the smell of urine. It would be interesting to see if the active-carbon used in the underwear could provide the same effect for diapers aswell.

    The ultimate flatulence filtering underwear

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    I'd recommend a good quality, well fitting pair of plastic pants. They'll not stop the smell completely, but they will help to minimise it. It's also a good idea to make sure the room you're in is well ventilated, so that fresh air can replace the… ahem… not-so-fresh air.

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