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Thread: Australian Drynites

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    Default Australian Drynites

    I posted about this a while ago, but didn't really get anywhere. I am really intrigued by the Australian drynites and would really like to get my hands on a pack, but they don't seem to be available on EBay. Any suggestions?

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    Try searching the Australian eBay website. There may be a seller that has a pack and ships worldwide. Otherwise, maybe Amazon? It's very hard finding foreign diapers as they don't make it to the U.S. very often.

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    No luck with either of those options, I'm afraid. EBay only had the s/m size, which are the same designs as here (the l/xl size has different designs that I want to try), and Amazon only sells Kindle ebooks in Australia.

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    There's some DL's living in Australia on here, maybe you could pay one to buy you a pack (though the shipping would be insanely expensive).

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    I have plenty of packs of the girls L/XL that I can sell, but as someone said earlier, the postage will be pretty expensive.


    Added a link here (mods feel free to delete if this is against rules):
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    They're like the ones from Europe. At least they look like the ones from my country...

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