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Thread: Ever caught deliberately wetting as a child?

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    Default Ever caught deliberately wetting as a child?

    I was caught twice.

    The first time I was aged 9. I had been playing outside, and as it got dark I was called in for my bath.

    "Put your clothes in the washing machine before you get in the bath, I'm going to do the laundry." Mum told me. The laundry was next to the toilet, and I was going to pee first, and then get undressed. When she told me to put my clothes in the machine, my first thought was "Hey, I can wet myself and hide the evidence!" I was wearing beige shorts and blue briefs with clown pictures on them.

    My plan was simple, go to the toilet, make a big wet spot on my shorts, strip off, clothes in the machine, go to the bathroom.

    I stood in front of the toilet and watched the front of my shorts get soaked. The problem was, I needed to go so badly that when I started, I couldn't stop. Pee ran down my legs as I tried to stop. I had to just turn around and sit down and finish wetting as I sat. There was a big puddle on the floor. I got some toilet paper and was trying to soak it all up. I was nearly finished when I heard the washing machine start. I called out for mum to stop it, and she came to the door and said "Haven't you put your clothes in yet? I thought you were in the bath already."

    I truthfully replied, " I'm sitting on the toilet!"

    "Well pass me your stuff and I'll put it in!"

    "I'll be out in a minute. I'll do it!"

    "The washings on now Barry, give me your clothes!"

    With no options left, I undressed, sat back down, and passed my clothes to her. She started to walk away, when I heard her exclaim "Oh Barry, did you have an accident again?"

    "No" was all I could say. I flushed, then ran naked to the bathroom. Mum came in soon after and quizzed me about it. Trapped, I just admitted to the whole plan of doing it on purpose and trying to hide it.

    To say she was unimpressed would be an understatement.

    I promised never to do it again, and begged her not to tell dad, which she didn't. I didn't get into trouble, but that's one of my most humiliating memories!

    The next time I was caught, I was 14. It was summer holidays, hot, and I was stuck home with mum.

    Now mum watched "Days Of Our Lives" religiously every day at 1:30, so I had an hour of freedom to "play." I told her I was going to muck around under the lawn sprinkler to cool off. I got the sprinkler going, and laid a towel on the grass out of the way of the water. I was shirtless, and wore only a pair of light green shorts. Knowing I wouldn't be disturbed for an hour, I planned to recreate my bed wetting incidents from a few years ago.

    I laid face down on the towel, and slowly wet my pants. It felt marvellous. I completely emptied my bladder, fully drenching my shorts and the towel. I would keep checking out the damage, and felt really excited in some way I didn't quite understand.

    Puberty was late for me, and I was still basically undeveloped, and while I hadn't discovered the joys of self pleasuring yet, but I was aware enough to realise that I was REALLY enjoying this!

    The next thing you know, mums standing at the door holding the phone, which wasn't cordless, but attached to a massive extension cord. My mate had rung me for a chat....

    I quickly got up, and keeping my back to mum, ran under the sprinkler and picked it up, and used it to wet all of my front, including my chest and legs.

    I went to the door, took the phone, and had like a 30 second "Whatya doing? Nothing. What you doing?" Conversation.

    Mum hadn't gone back to her show, she just waited for me to finish. When I handed her the phone back, the dreaded question came.

    "Did you wet your pants?"

    "No! Don't be ridiculous!"

    "Then why on earth did you go under the hose and get all wet before coming to the phone?"

    "I was covered in grass and just wanted to wash it off" I mumbled.

    Nothing more was said, but I could tell by the look she gave me that she didn't believe a word of it. I felt really uncomfortable about that for the rest of the day!

    Anyone have anything similar happen?

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    Not in the act, but after it, because momma found my wet undies/pants XP
    I once or twice considered "having an accident" or wetting the bed and letting myself get caught, but never went ahead with it

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    One time I peed a little bit in my underwear around age 9 I think. It was just a small wet spot, I pulled up my pants early (intentionally) and let that last little bit out in them. My Mom noticed and came and asked me if I had an accident. I got cold feet at the time though and just told her it had been raining out and I'd gotten splashed. I have no idea if she believed me.

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