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Thread: Diaper or Catheter? Recs for diapers?

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    Default Diaper or Catheter? Recs for diapers?


    I am a 30-year-old female professional who, by outward appearances, you would not assume to be incontinent. I'm very tall and thin (did modelling), but unfortunately as a result of an eating disorder I've suffered from since my teens, I have increasingly developed urinary incontinence that has become severe. I started to just "go" without realizing it. My doctor has recommended (and I've been using) a catheter, but this frequently causes irritation and leaks. As a result, other urologists are urging that I wear some sort of an adult diaper. I am finding this somewhat odd/embarrassing but also am interested and open.

    Does anyone have experience with this?

    Are there any brands of diapers you'd recommend? I'd be wearing most of the time, as this is stress and urge incontinence. I've tried lots of exercises and medications but little is working. Sometimes I will go several times in an hour. As a result, I will probably have to have a wet diaper on occasion. Also - what types of wipes, etc do you use? Are there baby powders?

    I tend to dress up and have relatively tight pants, though looser skirts, but don't know how bulky these would appear.

    Hopefully this is temporary and we can figure something else out. It's been a relatively rapid development, though apparently there is lasting damage, so I'll need some sort of pad, most likely, in the future even if we sort out the more severe incontinence I'm currently dealing with.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I'm not IC but there are plenty out there who will help you out. From my limited experience as a DL, you will probably be OK in a pull up. That way if you need to go, you can. They are also more discrete.

    You can get a whole range of samples from Age UK - Disposable Pull Up Pant Samples - Incontinence Product Samples - Incontinence Shop |

    The prices of the samples are reasonable and then you can see what fits you best and contains the volumes that you will be generating. Remember though, they will swell as you use them so plan on a few changes a day. Also, start with middle of the range for absorbency and do not expect to max them out, as that is when they get heavy, squishy and leak. Too much capacity is better than too little. Ask anyone who has inadvertently maxed one out and sat down. Not great.

    I wish you luck.


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    I would suggest a tape on diaper. I personally use Abena x plus which work well for me, I wet quite heavily and I can get 6/8 hours from a single diaper. Please don't use pull-up diapers as they don't have the protection you need and they are impossible to change in a publick washroom as you need to remove your pants. Most top of the line diapers are refastenable so using the toilet when you can is possible. You will want to choose a diaper with a plastick backing as they are less likely to leak then the cloth backed versions. Some suggestions for good diapers are: Abena x plus original, Tranquility ATN Moliecare Super plus,these I have personally used and liked. Others I hear are good but haven't tried are, dry 24/7, and Tena slip. Not sure if the names are spelled correctly. All the diapers I listed can be purchased online. As far as barrier creams go, anything from the baby supply section will work as their skin is more sensitive.
    Hope this helps.

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    Sorry, but from a mans point of view I hope is ok. I have kind of the same issue as you. Mine is OAB due to anxiety which is stress. I've tried medication Toviaz, pads, etc.etc. Didn't like them or the side effects of the meds. I don't like the idea of a catheter. I've chosen diapers and they are great if you buy a higher quality diaper like Bambino or Dry 24/7 I think you might like them and it's at least worth a try. I pee up to an average of 20-30 times a day. For ladies out there I can understand with the tighter clothing where this would or could get in the way. I think it will boil down to your personal preference and confidence. I wear 24/7 and really have a system down. Diapers can become uncomfortable when they get heavy or chaffing happens or other irritation from heat. Use baby powder when hot and sweaty, it does help.Changing can be difficult too, but Bambinos and dry 24/7 really last a significant amount of time. I don't dress with real loose clothing. I'm very fit, active and still get carded when I buy beer and no one notice. I've had a handful of times over the years where some has made a comment about my butt, but rare or they've seen my diaper waist band stick out and only one person was kind of laughing. I'm just at that point in my life where I'm comfortable being and accepting me. I hope this helps and you get there too. If you have more questions feel free to respond to this thread or pm if you like.

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    Recommendations will depend a lot on where you are. In the UK we're lucky enough to have the NHS which will provide stuff free of charge - if you're in the UK you should ask for an urgent referral to the Continence Team in your area to sort this.

    Elsewhere - you might find your insurance will help you out. Cost of these things is not to be sniffed at; on a bad week you'll use a pack of these things easily.

    We need to know where you are before we can help with brands and stuff. I'd say if the word severe comes in to it then Pants type products are no use (certainly for me even the 'maxi' varieties don't cut it).

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    I just came from my doc today, and he made what I think is a rather odd suggestion. In order to get a better handle on my incontinence, he has suggested that I get a supply of intermittent catheters (straight ones used only once). I am to use one when I get up, again mid-day, and again at bed time. This is to determine if I am not emptying my bladder completely when I do go. I don't think it will work, but the catheters are free from Medicare so I'm game to try it. I have a supply of cath's on the way, and will report after I have used them for a while. AinsAmes, you might want to discuss this possibility with your doctor. It might be worth a try for you.

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    for minor leaking with a cath. Pullups work fine.

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    I would start out with the low end pads and pull ups then adjust to the higher end products.

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    As Thorb has recommended, a taped-diaper will both have greater capacity and will be far more reliable against leaks than a pull-up diaper.

    If you want a diaper which is thin enough for stylish work clothes, yet with a high capacity, I would recommend either of two diapers. First, the Tena Slip Maxi - this is diaper is made in Europe. It is a white plastic backed diaper with an elastic waistband. Its dry thickness is only .3" but it has a 140 oz maximum absorbent capacity. It relies on SAP crystals to absorb the urine, rather than pulp fluff. It is thinner than a Molicare Super Plus. There is a plastic front taping panel to which the tapes may be fastened, removed, and refastened. The tapes are small but very strong. I have never had them come loose. There are internal standing leak guards which reduce the risk of leaks by keeping urine and feces away from the leg gathers. This is an excellent all-around diaper which is great for wear with dress clothing or thin athletic attire. This is a premium diaper. Save by ordering by the case from XP Medical.

    The second diaper is the Unique Wellness Superio Signature diaper. It is like a slightly less expensive clone of the Tena Slip Maxi, but it is even thinner than the Tena Slip Maxi and has even taller internal standing leak guards. Order direct from Unique Wellness company.

    For wear at home where thickness and style may not matter, I recommend the Abena Abri-form X-Plus in Level 4. This is a very thick diaper. I can wear it outside under black relaxed jeans, but as you mentioned that you like to wear tight pants it would not be good for you for that purpose. You may find it to be a good diaper for overnight, particularly when used with a booster pad to provide additional absorbency. It costs the same as the Tena Slip Maxi. Order from XP Medical.

    As you mention that your incontinence has been a recent development, pardon me for mentioning that, when away from home, and particularly when at work, it is a good idea to wear a pair of plastic pants over the diaper to catch any leaks.

    Re cost, usually a premium diaper from a medical supply house will be less expensive in the long run than any drug store diaper. The drug store diapers just do not have the same quality and require more changes in a 24-hour period.

    Re XP Medical, the owner, Gary, is himself incontinent and will give you very helpful and honest advice.

    I am an older male, incontinent,diapers and wear 24/7.

    Good luck and here's hoping that your condition is temporary.

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    As a fellow young woman with incontinence caused from a car accident about 4 years ago, I can say there is an adjustment period, but I think diapers are well worth it in the end! I tried the catheter route, and did not like it. It was frustrating to do, and I still experienced leaks. When I started to accept diapers, life became much easier for me!
    I use Abenas and Molicares primarily when I am out, and heavier diapers such as Dry 24/7's when I'm at home. You might be able to get away with pullups, but they are harder to change in public due to having to remove your pants.
    As far as clothes, I still wear tighter fitting pants, but usually buy one size up. Also, high waisted jeans are best! (not super high, but not hip huggers either) I wear skirts a lot, and just make sure they are long. Compression shorts under your pants, and above the diaper are great too, it hides some bulk and keeps things discreet.
    This is my two cents, if you need help or have any questions let me know! I'd be glad to help!

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