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    Default Hi, everybody!

    My name is Lena, and I am a 34 year old Norwegian woman. I recently discovered this site. (I'm surprised I haven't found it before, but then again my diaper interest is very irregular.) In my everyday life, I work in an advertising agency (though I have a master's in anthropology). I generally find people interesting.
    I have loved diapers since I was about ten years old. I am strictly DL, I have never ever felt any attraction to age play.

    I hope to learn and discuss and share experiences on this site - though I might not be active for longer periods, as that's how my diaper thing works.
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    Welcome Lenaw,

    I am mostly DL and have little interest in age play. You are welcome to come and go as you please!

    You will find a very diverse group here. Not only do we span the globe, you will find DL, AB, BF, DF, IC, Little and combinations of them all. It is one of the things that makes this group so useful. You will also find that for many of us, our "interests" can be tracked back a long way. This is far from unusual.

    There are plenty people here to learn from and sharing your experiences is often a good starting point for discussions. If you are comfortable sharing, trust me, there are people who will respond and discuss.

    It is good to have you on the forums,


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    Just noticed that you like reading. We have a nascent book club running if you are interested -

    We will be discussing the first book - 'The Other Typist' by Suzanne Rindell in a couple of weeks. You would be very welcome.


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    Howdy, Lena, and welcome to ADISC! I hope you make some good friends here and find lots of interesting topics to engage in.

    What's are the best brands of diapers available in Norway?

    Stay dry and happy!

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    Thank you both!

    As for @ultrapamper's question: Well, everything is available these days, there is internet. :p No really, I don't know. I rarely buy because I don't wear that often, but when I do I always go for Molicare Super Plus, which I get from a local pharmacy that does mail order.

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    Thank you both! Looking forward to that.

    ultrapampers: I guess anything is available through the internet. :p (And also, as Norway is so expensive, it is usually a good deal to order from abroad, even with added tax.) But personally I get my occasional pack of Molicare Super Plus from a local pharmacy that does mail order.

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