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Thread: Finding Neverland (Movie): The Dog Fursuit

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    Default Finding Neverland (Movie): The Dog Fursuit

    Although this doesn't really have anything to do with BF or DF content, I found it amusing. In the movie Finding Neverland (A movie about the production of the original play: Peter Pan, set in about 1900 - 1904), there are a few scenes involving an actor portraying a dog.

    Finding Neverland (6/10) Movie CLIP - Directing Nana (2004) HD - YouTube

    For what ever reason, I had the thought: The Original Fursuiter. It's probably completely false, but I found it funny.

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    you should read the book, Nana the dog was somewhat anthropomorphic she was the children's Nanny, in a very literal sense. Good book much different than what disney and the movies like to show, only seen parts of the play and they barely touch it usually, in this movie they tried

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