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    Default Diapers in Germany

    I know there has already been a thread about this in the past, but I was wondering if anyone has any updated information. I will be traveling to Cologne and Munich and was wondering if there is anywhere where I could find adult diapers. Any kind of shop or pharmacy..

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    Well Save Express GmbH is in Germany so if they have a warehouse you could maybe visit that? not sure tho xD

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    I guess ordering online is not an option, since you ask specifically for local shops or pharmacies?

    Anyway, while Save Express, as mentioned, is indeed a valid option to visit if you want to have the agony of choice due to their extremely big sortiment. But it's far up in the north - between Neumünster and Hamburg to be specific, so more than 600km away from Munich.
    I think you didn't plan on visiting one of those cities too? So it's out of question.

    However, you can nearly get anything you want from any local pharmacy, called "Apotheke", or medical store - "Sanitätshaus". The latter usually has a small variety of some brands, starting from the all known Tena and Molicare up to some noname brands. Pharmacies usually only have one brand, if at all, but they'll order anything if they can find it in sortiment of their supplier.
    That way you can get any brand you want, mostly, only not special diapers of course. I'd guess Fabine would be hard to order that way. And mind you it will be more pricey buying it that way, since they want to earn some money too. It varies a bit, usually from 10€ for a small pack of Molicare Super Plus if you're lucky, up to 25-30€ for a bag of Tena Maxi. Noname brands are a bit cheaper of course, but well... as you may guess they're not that good.

    It might be hard to order if you don't know the german language at all, although at pharmacies someone at least should know english quite well. At least they need to learn it in school and becoming a pharmacist is no "easy" aquired job. Just to be sure perhaps you might want to write the name down of what you want to order (or the PZN, a digit - just google it up.).

    Other than that you may have some luck in local supermarkets. "Kaufland" has Ribo Slip and Tena Plus/Super, other shops have mostly one of the latter too, if not a home brand, but that's kinda rare and those are pull-ups in general.

    However, just enjoy your stay over here and have some fun, don't be too concerned about that. Perhaps you might forget about it anyway... probably due to too much beer. ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by db450 View Post
    I know there has already been a thread about this in the past, but I was wondering if anyone has any updated information. I will be traveling to Cologne and Munich and was wondering if there is anywhere where I could find adult diapers. Any kind of shop or pharmacy..
    Simple answer: ANY PHARMACY.

    Basically it is like this, at least with the larger pharmacies.... most carry *some* type of incontinence product in their regular stock.
    But unless you look them up on the internet or give them a call, you will find a very broad range of products:
    some only have pads, others have some pull-up pants, yet others have Tena or Molicare diapers...

    However ANY pharmacy in germany is able to order specific products. Usually those kind of items are next-day deliveries, with a few offering same day delivery if you order early in the morning.
    So basically walk in early enough, ask if they have whatever you need, if not let them order the product and if you're lucky either same day or usually latest next day you can go an pick the stuff up and pay (some want you to pre-pay, but it's rare).

    Usually most will have no problem ordering products from TENA, Molicare, Attends (Europe versions, not the US Stuff), Euron and Abena.

    But be prepared that prices are anywhere between ok and ridiculously expensive.

    Also most cities have some sort of medical supply store catering to people with disablities, etc... that kind of store usually has diapers in stock too.

    And as Puffs has mentioned, there's Save Express... and packing stations should allow you to collect the parcel anywhere.
    And yes, indeed Save Express has a warehouse - but its in Hamburg ... an 7-8 hour drive from Munich.

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    I would recommend you to get Tena Slip Maxi or Super (a bit thinner) diapers if you haven't tried them yet. Attends Regular 10 or maybe Molicare Super Plus or Abri From aren't too bad either. You can look up other brands and model names on the online store mentioned earlier: Windeln+Pants -diapers | Inkontinenz Einweg-disposable | Save Express GmbH

    Given the amount of pharmacies and their supply speed you should be able to order what you want if you insist. Good luck

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