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Thread: need to know everything about cloth diapers. oh my

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    Default need to know everything about cloth diapers. oh my

    Heya all! so recently I've been thinking that I really want to try out some cloth diapers, the thing is I have no idea where to start looking, and what I did find was rather confusing to me.

    I guess I'll break down what I want to know.

    -where should I buy cloth diapers?
    I found a lot of websites selling cloth diapers, most of them of various levels of sketchyness. While some sties looked alright I realized I had no idea what I was looking for.

    -what is with all the different styles?
    A lot of the sites had a whole bunch of different styles of cloth diaper, terry cloth, flannel, pre-fold, loop and hook or some such. what are the different benefits of the different styles?

    -finally plastic pants.
    honestly I think they look dumb :I but I suppose they are a necessary evil. anything I should know about them?

    thanks for anyone who bothers responding

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    Well I am not to sure what you are looking for in a cloth diaper. Do you wear them for medical need or just for fun? if you wear them for just fun would you use them for their intended purpose? Also I would recommend that you get detergent that has no perfume so as to avoid destroying them when you do the laundry. here's a link that shows the detergent I use for my cloth diapers. ecos laundry detergent - Please be advised that while they are most likely going to out of stock of this detergent I can say that the Eco's free and clear (unscented) is at least a good example of the laundry detergent you would want for the cloth diapers. I use this for my own laundry irrespective of their environmental benefits which just happens to be a nice bonus. This stuff is cheap and it is easy on the cloths in general.

    Also if you wear for just fun then I know very little about cloth diapers that have prints on them. Please describe in detail what you are looking for so that I can make more recommendations or at least inform others of even more recommendations.

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    I'm looking at cloth diapers just for fun, and I do intend to wet them. cute prints would be nice, especially sissyish stuff, but I'll settle for plain colors or just white really. Now I'm not sure how easy this is to find but I tend to be a little bit picky about how diapers look, I don't want pinned or old style looking cloth diapers, I like the stuff with large wings and a high rising waist

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    Well here's a few sites that you would be interested in. Be advised cloth diapers do not perform as well as disposables do in general but they are quite comfortable and healthier because of the reduced chance of rash. Also the initial cost of buying them is high but they pay for themselves in the long run. all in one adult baby print diapers

    Cloth Diapers, Adult Cloth Diapers, Baby Cloth Diapers -Babykins & Kins Products

    As for using them for their intended purpose just make sure you don't overdo it and you will not have to worry about leaks or just get plastic pants. I use these cloth diapers here as well they have a high rising waist but no prints Ultra-Fit Reusable Briefs (Heavy) keep in mind there are multiple sites that sell this particular design of cloth diaper. Velcro ones tend to wear out faster then the button ones I have that I just showed showed you though that might take years for that to be a issue.

    does this help? Also a cloth diaper does not reach it's maximum absorbency until after being washed a few times and keep shrinking in mind when your sizing yourself. Using a cloth diaper and washing it a few times effects it's absorbency. they become more absorbent after being used and/or washed a few times. ideally what you want to do when you get them is to just send them alone through the laundry twice before actually trying them on.

    In retrospect here's a few sites that sell plastic pants as well

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    If your looking for cloth diapers to wear just for fun. Here's a good site for them. all in one adult baby cloth diapers
    I happen to wear these for overnight use. There's a lot of information in this group. Society for cloth appreciation.
    I also wear twill prefolds and contour diapers from CTDC. Changing Times Diaper Company Robert also sells plastic pants.
    Another source is Fetware Products Superior Incontinence Protection | Buy from Fetware Products, Llc.

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    There is a great article here on ADISC called "All About Cloth Diapers" that answers some of your questions. When I started using cloth diapers I was dissatisfied with what I found online so I learned how to sew my own. One of my issues is that I'm sort of in between sizes, so mediums are too small and larges are too big. Anyway, check out the article, and do visit the "Society for Cloth Appreciation" group here on ADISC. Anyone in that group will probably have answers to your questions. My profile and the image gallery in the SCA group have pics of my homemade diapers if you want to check them out.

    Good luck to you!!

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    Cloth diapers are great just for fun. I use prefold real baby diapers plain white, so never tried fitted like you seem to need. If you want them with designs and plastic backing, the AIO might be great. That would avoid the plastic look for you. The hooks use velcro in place of tape. Prefolds are supposed to be cut to size with extra padding in the middle while flats are supposed to be bigger for alternate folding styles.

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    Even though you may not like plastic pants, if you plan to use them for there intended purpose, then you should use plastic pants at least when using them. I have learned this the hard way :b

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    If you want cute prints, several of the suppliers sell plastic pants with prints. This could take away the undesirable look of the pants.
    I find that the thick plastic lasts much longer than the thin, but they don't come in prints.
    I like to use flat cloth diapers. I have some 4 layer 44 inch square. They shrink several inches during wash. I fold one side over about 8 inches, fold the sides in to form a trapezoid and pin it in front. This makes for a snug fit and very good coverage and absorbency.
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    I wore cloth diapers for years, until premium disposable diapers became available here in the US. I used a flannel prefold but would have used terrycloth diapers had they been available, I think. I also had some Velcro-fastened contour diapers and have worn pull-on briefs, too. You're going to be faced with making some trade-offs in choosing a diaper. There are three or four things to consider.

    One is performance: how much does the diaper hold, a factor of how much diaper there is and the sort of material it's made from. Flannel holds less than terrycloth. Gauze holds less than flannel or birdseye. There is more bulk between the legs with a prefold than with a contour diaper or pull-on.

    Comfort is another consideration. Less bulky is more comfortable. Fit is akin to comfort, I think, and while all diapers must be snug around the waist, it's fine to have some looseness and bulk where it is needed.

    Appearance is important to some folks. I have no recommendations on this; it's an individual choice or concern.

    Laundry is another concern. Using and washing many bulky diapers is hard on the machines. Single-ply diapers would be better for this, but are difficult to find. I was wearing up to four diapers a day, or more, and did a lot of wash. Indeed, it was all that laundry, and performance concerns, that motivated me to switch to premium disposable diapers. Now, perhaps you might analyze your requirements and weigh them against this information to make an informed choice.

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