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    Default Haven't done this yet. Hi

    Hey there. I've been a member here for a while, but I've never done a greeting. Just been lurking lots, reading, getting comfortable, feels like I should do one of these and introduce myself.

    I guess, I'm a computer network scientist. I like to study, examine, research, learn, and experiment with computer network equipment. Or, in other words, I figure out how data travels around on the internet! At the moment I am a federal contractor to the United States Department of Energy on campus at Argonne National Laboratory. I have a Bachelor of Science and studied Computer Science as my major. Ugh... but I hate computer programming. Computer networking was something I got into after earning my degree while looking for computer support work. Computer networking is intensely interesting to me.

    I like to share knowledge that I learn and, objectively, I have a talent for breaking down and explaining complex topics so they're more readily and easily understood. Also, I have a penchant for saying silly, childish, and sarcastic things. That's my little side peaking out. I'm also fan of inside jokes too. For example, I just recently started to refer to my iPhone as a Doomometer.

    What brings me here? A shared interest in childish or little 'feelings' and paraphilia.

    What looking for out of this site? Well, exploring my feelings through reading what other people post and share I suppose. Maybe vocalizing (or, well, typing) feelings or concerns. Getting feedback or "outside" views on such.

    I discovered some frightening things about myself while living on campus at my university studying computer science. I developed extreme anxiety and became depressed and largely withdrawn. With the help of psychologists and doctors and academic councilors on campus I was able to struggle through and graduate. Graduating was something I really wanted to accomplish, but yet felt so nearly impossible, at the time.

    As I feel comfortable I hope to share more and maybe make some friends.

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    Welcome to the forums! One thing that you will find if you look around, is that a good number of us have had, or are dealing with, mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. For many of us, we have struggled to accept who we are, often wishing that our "interests" could be denied.

    You will find genuine support here and space for you to be yourself. It sounds like you have had a good root around the forums already so you should have a good flavour of the types of issues and the people on the forums.

    Let us see if spending a bit of time in our company lets you accept yourself and makes you a little less "Blu" and more like the real "Mew"... (Could not resist - sorry...)


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    Quote Originally Posted by SissyDLE View Post
    Let us see if spending a bit of time in our company lets you accept yourself and makes you a little less "Blu" and more like the real "Mew"... (Could not resist - sorry...)
    Honestly, I didn't mean "Blu" to be representational of my emotional state. Mew's "Shiny" variant in the Pokemon game is colored a pastel / powder blue. Blue is my favorite color and Mew is my favorite pokemon. Hence, BluMew. Actually, I started off here with "BlueMew" as my account, but I was having login trouble with that account -- forgot password wasn't working for me for some reason. So I made this second one "BluMew". I'd prefer to have regain access for the former, but they just banned it instead as a dup account

    But now that you mention that, maybe it's an inside joke now? At the very least, it's a double meaning. I love double meanings, too. That's why I named my Groudon plush (another pokemon) "Big Red". Groudon is a very big and very red pokemon, but Big Red is also the name of a chewing gum. So it's a pun, too. And I love puns. Maybe, it could be considered double entandre, too? As you could certainly construe "Big Red" as innuendo. Regardless, he's my go to plushie / sleeping buddy. I've posted pictures of him and others in a couple of show and tell stuffed animal threads.

    So anyway, thanks

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    Hi! Mew is my favorite Pokemon so you're already awesome in my book! ^O^

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    I must say that I'm glad that you like the play on words! I just love playing with language... I was completely unable to resist that one.

    Welcome to the forums, great to have you here!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoeSparklepaw View Post
    Hi! Mew is my favorite Pokemon so you're already awesome in my book! ^O^
    Mew, Aggron, and Groudon are probably my top favorites. I started out in the ruby / sapphire generation. Then played Fire Red / Leaf Green and Diamond / Pearl. But have taken a break with the White / Black and X / Y generations. But I'm probably going to jump back in for Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire, though :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    The PokÚdex Song, Gen VI - YouTube

    did you know of this already?
    No, I did not! That's crazy. I don't know if I could list off more then two dozen pokemon and he does .... all of them? Mind blown.

    Are you a video game (nintendo?) fan yourself, then? I am definitely a Nintendo fan myself. Especially for the Legend of Zelda series of games. So much a fan so that I attend the 25th anniversary Legend of Zelda "Symphony of the Goddesses" four times with various friends and family. Even, created a nice art piece to celebrate it, with the help of a frame shop.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0457.jpg 
Views:	22 
Size:	58.7 KB 
ID:	21187

    I'm also a big fan of World of Warcraft. I used to be a part of a guild and tackle the various 25 player bosses in the game. That all came to a very abrupt end when I was hired for a tech support call center position. The hours were 5pm to 10pm which was right over prime time with the guild. I've obviously moved on from that position, but these days i'm just playing it easy. Leveling a hunter with a friend.

    Mostly, though, I'm playing around and experimenting with my network equipment. I'm building a little data / computer network of my own out of computer equipment donated to me by my last employer.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0353.jpg 
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Size:	67.5 KB 
ID:	21188

    The equipment is quite aged, most of it around 10-15 years old, but it still runs and can be upgraded to a large extent. They tossed a laptop, a desktop, a rackmount server, and 2 routers at me. And once they're sure they don't need the data stored on another rackmount server there going to wing it me as well. Even though I don't work for them anymore.... (Let this be a lesson to you, make your employer happy, they'll move mountains for you.)

    Wow, that's a lot. Sorry to bury you in words.

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