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Thread: Anyone else remember Pampers Feel N' Learn?

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    Default Anyone else remember Pampers Feel N' Learn?

    Was thinking about them the other day and remembered how good they fit. I loved wearing those because they seriously felt like they were bigger than the standard Pull-Ups and Easy-Ups at the time.

    Wish the Strawberry Shortcake designs made it here to the U.S. though instead of Dora. Anyone from overseas have pictures of the Strawberry Shortcake design Feel N' Learns or care to show some out of their collection? Wouldn't mind seeing them as there is little info about them on the interwebs.

    Still, I think those training pants were way better than what is available now. Didn't care for the "Feel when wet" liner as I don't think it really worked well but as training pants they were really good.

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    I bought a bag of those and of course they don't fit me, but the "feel and learn" thing is a square about two by two inches that is in the area that they expect would get wet first (I had some of the girl's ones). I peeled the feel and learn square out of several and just stuck them in a regular diaper. They do react and get cold though the sensation isn't all that strong.

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    The "Feel and Learn" Pampers I remember had a liner (it looked almost like a really wide leak barrier) running the full length of the pull-up. In fact, I still have some of those. I'll see if I can get a picture of the inside of one.

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    i remember making the scornful joke of, "i wonder if Pampers advocate their 'feel and learn' principle for very hot things?"

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