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    So now I have adult onset eczema. My wife noted I have several quarter-sized areas of eczema on my bottom. I have steroid cream for my feet, but it says NOT to use on diaper dermatitis. Can I use it on my butt? Its not diaper rash. And, any hints on getting rid of it? The eczema on my thigh has been there a year. I really need to wear for a while for anxiety reasons, and need to nip this in the bud. I haven't been able to wear cloth in a while. Would going to cloth help my eczema? Thanks for the help.

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    If you can't use hydrocortisone I would suggest something as simple as Vaseline and see how it goes.

    While cloth may give more air to the area, plastic pants won't help and cloth does not keep you as dry in my experience.

    Good luck

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    Presume you have a dermatologist you are seeing - ask questions of the professionals for better ideas; suggestions and alternatives !
    Take advantage of any skin study programs and reduced cost (or free) drugs !

    P.S. - I have psoriasis and have utilized just about everything offered - not everyone's skin disease is the same !

    Good Luck - keep at it until you are comfortable - check out the new biological drugs !

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    Go get some coal tar made up it works a treat. And also use some emulsifying cream to be used as barrier cream.

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    I was diagnosed with eczema a few years ago and my doctor prescribed some sort of medicated cream. When that ran out, I bought Aveeno Eczema cream and I still use it on my face after I shave. It cleared up the problem for me. I also use Johnson's baby lotion on my diaper area and I haven't had any problems. It's worth a try. The Aveeno cream costs between $12.00 and $13.00 dollars a tube, so be ware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sloth View Post
    Go get some coal tar made up it works a treat. And also use some emulsifying cream to be used as barrier cream.
    Be careful here using things that are over the counter (OTC) !
    If you have an allergy for Sulfa drugs some coal tar applications may not be a healthy choice.
    If you can not afford a medical professional at least check with the drug store pharmacist for free advice.

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    I've gotten that in the past, it was the most unpleasant mix of itch and pain. Getting your skin re-hydrated is the key. You're probably using too much powder, and not wet-washing when changing. Try using lotion instead of powder for awhile. Or at least change it up, powder during the day, lotion at night, is what I sometimes do when I see the telltale look of ex getting started. Different variations on powder may also help you. Talc is usually more drying than corn starch. There are different blends of cornstarch you can use. Plain, medicated (yellow label) and aloe vera (green label) are the ones I've tried. I have the best luck wih the Aloe. It's not quite as drying, and has a slightly more slippery texture on my skin. The medicated (zinc oxide iirc?) is like talc but even finer, and dries even moreso, do not use that on ex.

    Warning, the glue that most diaper makers use to stick down the elastic to the leak guards and leg gathers seems to universally be broken down by any oil-based lotion. Very annoying to wake up in the morning with 3 strands of elastic digging into your skin on both sides :P

    Don't use vasseline. it may offer physical relief, but it won't help your skin to get rehydrated.

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    Excellent tips. Thanks. I will stop using vasaline asap. Lotioning seems to have calmed it a bit. I was terrified my bottom would be like my hands. Thanks all!

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