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    Hi! I am looking for a very specific kind of diaper for my girlfriend to try. Sadly my opinion doesn't match most of the community's, but I've been lurking a long time and saw that you are all very friendly and helpful ^.^ My girlfriend has never tried diapers before, but she is her first time! I am looking for an adult sized (Weigh 170 lbs, height 5'10")diaper that would be the most similar to Goodnites, i.e. low rise, form fitting, only a little crinkly, narrow crotch. I know it's very specific, but as close as it could get would be great! Also, it doesn't have to be low rise if it has the ability to be "rolled down" so that it looks more low rise. Any help would be wonderful and greatly appreciated, thank you!

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    Well right now there are not to many AB oriented diapers being sold in the U.S. I would recommend that you get a sample pack of a Fabine which comes from Europe and will be very expensive per diaper but that would just show how much you care about her. You see you will have to effectively double the price for a AB that comes to the U.S from Europe right now. I would normally recommend that you get some thing from Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products! but they are sold out on all their printed diapers and Abuniverse might just decide to forget your order due to poor customer service as they have a history of doing this. Another place would be to go here to Aww So Cute their expensive too though. The only other place I can think of to look would be Ebay right now or amazon.

    If your interested in medical diapers then I would suggest you go to XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies. they are AB aware and have some nice plain white diapers there at reasonable prices though there are no diapers there with prints on them. Keep in mind that I have no idea exactly what your looking for so if you could would you enlighten me what features you wanted on her first diaper? And whatever you do no matter what happens do not order from ABuniverse. their service is that bad.

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    I doubt you'll find anything like that with prints on them but depends pull UPS should be similar since they're both made by Kimberly Clark.

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    I'm sorry to say that, unless there's some super pullup on the market that I've never heard of, you probably won't have much luck with that. Frankly, adult pullups suck. Their absorbency is consistently shoddy at best, but perhaps their most disappointing feature is their waistband. Unlike GoodNites and kids' pullups, which have a waistband most similar to traditional underwear (you know what I'm talking about), adult pullups tend to have a granny-panty-esque waistband. It's not fun, and it's not functional.

    Your best bet is to go for a higher-quality tape-on diaper. If you must go for a pullup, perhaps check and see what Abena has to offer or at least try to wear the GoodNites? They are pretty stretchy, and I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility that she'll fit into them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rampu View Post
    am looking for an adult sized (Weigh 170 lbs, height 5'10")diaper that would be the most similar to Goodnites
    If neither her waist or hips exceed 28 inches then she can probably fit into Goodnites, if she wears girls size underwear or pants then Goodnites should fit somewhat. But if she is 170 pounds and only 5'10" that means that she likely way too big for Goodnites unfortunately, it sounds like your only choice is your standard adult pull-ups. Depend makes some colored pull ups I think, but the price per pull up is a lot more than the regular pull-ups.

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    I think hip and waist measurements correlate a lot better to sizing up diapers than height and weight. Sounds like she'd fit well into any medium diaper, so I'd try Tena Slip Maxis (available on Bambino Diapers - the only diaper they haven't sold out on) - there's also samples on eBay for them. They don't ride outrageously high, aren't too thick, and are very comfy and form-fitting. If you want strictly an AB printed diaper you could try ABU Sissy's too which have a girly theme. Again, if you don't trust ABU, get them from a secondhand source on eBay or Amazon. As far as finding a GoodNites-like diaper, that's impossible, because there aren't any adult sized pull-ups other than the hideous, homogeneous "bloomer" style every brand uses -- trust me, you don't want her touching those.

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    there's another site that sells printed diapers. I am thinking you would want her first diaper to be printed but not to sure. I know very little about this site but you could always look for details for trustworthiness yourself by simply calling them and finding out. I did not mention them before because my knowledge of them is so limited. I do know they are still operating but I have never ordered from them before. here's a link to their site

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    If you want something akin to Goodnites, then all the recommendations for tape-on diapers are not going to be satisfactory. I know Unique Wellness has just released a new pull-up and they're offering free samples, so those are worth a try:

    Absorbent Underwear (Pull-Ups) - Products

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