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Thread: Staying at a hotel

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    Hey there normally I lurk but this is something I'm concerned about. I will be traveling soon and thus staying in a hotel. My concern is how do I deal with the used diapers? I'm assuming I just notify the front desk, but I'd like to hear some experience with this. Thanks!

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    For us this seems like a big deal, but I'm sure hotel housekeeping deals with it all the time. There's no need to notify the front desk. Here's what I do:

    1) Be sure to use diapers that are of excellent absorbency - higher than what you might use at home - or double up to prevent leaks in the hotel bed. If you use chux at home or are prone to leaks, it would be a good idea to use them in the hotel bed, too, out of courtesy.

    2) Bag up used diapers in a plastic grocery bag or other similar, small bag. Place it in the trash can in your room.

    3) Be sure to leave a nice tip and keep your room in good order for the maid.

    That's it! No problem. I can assure you that hotel staff have seen much stranger, and by taking care of the steps above, it will be a non-issue for the hotel staff and for you!

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    Well, I just spent almost a month in a hotel for work so I have got this down to a fine art! Here's what I do....

    1. Always use bed pads, I usually buy the large ones and put several together. Or, as the previous poster pointed out - use higher than normal absorbency diapers. It would not be cool to leave a big wet patch on the bed - the hotel may even charge you a cleaning fee!

    2. Yes, plenty of grocery bags - I usually stop at a big store and swipe a handful extra when I am checking out. The checkout folks never seem to care - I usually ask first!

    3. I prefer not to use the trash in my room. Instead, I park by a back entrance and dump my diaper bag each morning in the trash by the doors (there is always a trash can by these doors). Don't put too many in one bag as they often have small openings and you'll be stuck there conspicuously trying to force this big bag of soggy diapers into a small hole just as this cute girl walks past! Yes, done it!!

    4. If you don't have time to clean up before leaving for the day, or, there is a little wet patch on the bed or something then just throw the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door and then you can leave safely and deal with things later.

    Enjoy your travels and be sure to check out new places to buy diapers!
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    Excellent advice, thank you! I will be travelling excessively this summer and had planned on doing much of what you said, dprpantsnpypants, but I was not sure if I was doing enough. I always put my diapers in grocery bags even at home, so I don't have to "learn" to do that. I would add only one thing: I wear plastic pants to bed over everything because I just sleep better not having to worry about leaks.

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    Its no big deal tell the Hotel or Motel owners that you have a incontinence problem and will be bringing, with you your pads and pants, and your bed pads.
    They will proberly make sure your room as a fitted plastic/Rubber mattress cover and possibly protective sheets top and bottom and may be protective pillow cases.
    I find it a lot better than calling down in the morning to report a wet bed and asking for a change of sheets etc, and then getting charged for a wet mattress or something, which can cost a small fortune, so tell them, that you are incontinent and require a mattress cover for your bed. have a good time on holiday.
    A friend of ours worked for a very large hotel company in GB, and she said that travelling salesmen or the worst for wetting their beds, they ring down and say they have spilt coffee on the sheets, but they know whats happened, so they wait until he is the reception area, and shout out to him, in front of his friends, that there wont be any charges for the two wet beds this week, but any further wetting will cost 25 + VAT.
    I always inform my hotels or holiday cottages that I am incontinent at night and will require a plastic mattress cover on my bed, plus pillow cases, I have never been charged for this service I think the owners are pleased that you are saving them money and time, plus I always take my pads and pants and bed pads with me just in case.

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    Bring gallon ziploc bags. Put the wet diaper in a ziploc and put it in the bathroom wastebasket.

    - - - Updated - - -

    There's good advice at this blog post:

    One of the best ideas she has is to order diapers on line for delivery to your hotel before you arrive. You don't have to carry a lot of diapers with you on the flight. Just tell the hotel that you expect a delivery and ask them to hold it for your arrival.

    Another good idea is to bring a plastic pad and put a hotel towel over it as a bed pad. If your diaper leaks to the towel, rinse out the wet spot and hang it to dry. No need to bring a bed pad. Bring a plastic pant to contain small leaks.

    I've never told a hotel that I wet the bed. There's no need. Even though I am a very heavy wetter, I'm careful not get the mattress wet.

    The blog ("Bedwetting Mom" - is by a woman in her 30s who wets the bed. It's excellent -- frank and thoughtful with good advice on a lot of things.

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    As long as you wrap the diaper properly (rolled into itself then taped closed), I see no reason to double-bag it or clandestinely dispose of it elsewhere. Just place it into the bathroom trash and be sure to leave a nice tip for your housekeeper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultrapampers View Post
    As long as you wrap the diaper properly (rolled into itself then taped closed), I see no reason to double-bag it or clandestinely dispose of it elsewhere. Just place it into the bathroom trash and be sure to leave a nice tip for your housekeeper.
    Seeing as even just wet diapers can get pretty raunchy within a few hours, I'd recommend at least putting it in a bin bag and close it tightly.

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    I haven't worn in hotels many times, but have a few times recently.

    I wear Abena m4's which I trust and know won't leak. Therefore I feel no need to tell the hotel. I bag them in dog poop scoop bags (slightly bigger than baby diaper bags) and leave them in the trash can. As ultrapampers says, you should wrap them properly. Nobody has ever said anything to me.

    Good idea to tip the housekeeping staff though.

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    You have to seal a wet diaper in a bag. The urine starts to break down (and stink) as soon as air hits it, even if it's trapped in the diaper. Also, a wet diaper is unsanitary. Making housekeeping directly handle it is simply rude and disgusting.

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