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Thread: Can't sleep in a onsie

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    Default Can't sleep in a onsie

    Anybody else have this problem?

    I've got 2 onsies, one with feet and one without. I love wearing them, and usually do most nights after work. My wife bought them for me as a joke. She was buying some for the kids, and I said " I wouldn't mind one as well."

    Now my wife knows I like wet pants, but has no idea that I like diapers and am AB as well. Suits me. I will wear one when we watch TV or have dinner, and like to generally lounge around in it. Very comfortable, and it makes me feel little in front of her. We have a sexless marriage so I'll take what comfort I can get!

    I cannot sleep in the bloody thing though! I usually wear boxers and a T-shirt to bed, and every time I've tried to sleep in a onesie I can drop off, but will wake up within a couple of hours with it all twisted around, or if I'm wearing the footless one, the elastic legs are up over my knees.

    I have to remove it. Love wearing 'em, can't sleep in 'em!

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    If you can, turn down the temperature a bit and use a thinner blanket on the bed. Next you can start getting more acclimated to the warmth of footie pajamas by wearing long sleep pants to bed (these can also be found in kid-esque prints such as cartoon characters and cute animals, or something more traditional like plaid), and once you are comfortable, wearing socks as well. After a certain amount of time your body should be more accustomed to the warmth. If not, just hold on to them for winter.

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    Its better in the Winter. As Ned Stark says "Winter is Coming'

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    I have no trouble sleeping in my footie jammies, but I only wear them in the winter, as others have suggested. They don't twist on me, but I don't move around when I sleep. I'm a back sleeper and I seem to stay on my back while sleeping.

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    Yeah, it's not a heat/warmth issue, but a twisting/comfort issue. It's winter in Australia, and it's quite cold at night now. I find the warmth great, but just can't get used to the "tangly" feeling. I've never even been comfortable with wearing socks in bed, so I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised!

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    you have a sexless marriage?

    Remotely on topic, I have a hard time sleeping in diapers, mostly due to bulk and heat dissipation, but I still seem rested.

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    It sounds like maybe they are too big? Also, if they were made of fleece maybe they wouldn't tangle up as much? You could try getting different ones or just eat more I suppose...

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    It could be a size issue. Are they to big for you?

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    Out of curiosity, do you know where you got them from? Are they kigurumis? The kigu's are very big and can be "tangly", but most other onesies are generally more form-fitting. I have a footless one from, and a dinosaur kigu. I love wearing either of them to bed.

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    It's like me - if I'm not stoned/drunk, I hate having any clothes for asleep...

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