I don't know, maybe it's just me but surely I'm not the only guy with a paunch that likes to wear a diaper now and again. I have some Abena Abri-form Premium Airplus XL4 diapers that are a pain to put on AND keep up in place. Maybe I got them too big for me. But I didn't have all that great of luck with the regular diapers I bought the last time (I don't recall what they were). The only way I can get the Abenas to stay up is to wrap packing tape around my midriff a couple of times...which sucks. SAnd even at that, it seems they're too big for me judging my the excess material between my legs.

I way prefer the AbriFlex PULLUPS because you just pull 'em up. No tapes, no muss, no fuss. But they sure don't hold very much. Too good wettings and, if I'm not wearing plastic pants, I'm running the risk of leaking onto my trousers.

Speaking of plastic pants, can someone educate me on those? The ones I got are just too big, with too much extra material. Do the snap ones fit better?