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    Hey there everybody, you can just call me Cofeespoons. Iím an art major and English minor going into my third year of college. Iím a little shy, which is why it took me so long to post here after making an account.
    I donít know why I started to get into this, but Iíve been this way since I was pretty young, I have memories of liking it spanning back to when I was about 7 or 8. It was always something I was very ashamed about. I repressed it for many years, until I discovered, quite by coincidence, that my long- term boyfriend shares the fetish. He encouraged me open myself to begin exploring this side of me again, and recommended this site as a place where I could meet people and begin overcoming my stigma. He is also a member on this site, you may know him as Kovy.
    Iíve come a long way since telling him, through experimentation and such, but I still have a long way to go before Iím ready to accept this part of myself. It still makes me feel awkward to talk about this. You may notice Iíve been skirting around even using the ĎDí word, despite being in like-minded company. But Iím confident that talking to people who probably know how I feel is the first step in improving my self-acceptance.

    Aside from that, Iím very interested in art, particularly art in film. This extends to both live action and all types of animation, but I have a particular place in my heart stop-motion animation. My love of film extends past just the art and into film in general. Although I love to classics, I can appreciate any genre as long as it is well done and actual thought and effort is put into it(I have very little tolerance for movies that were obviously thrown together for a quick buck, except if they fall into the so-bad-itís-good category). However, Iíll admit to having a real soft spot when it comes to childrenís movies, as long as they are good quality (an interest completely unrelated to my interest in regression)
    I have a bit of a geeky side. Iím involved in quite a few fandoms including: Dr Who, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Avengers, My Little Pony and others.

    Anyway, I look forward to getting to know people a lot better
    Love, Coffeespoons

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    Welcome indeed! We ha've a few couples on the site already.

    Feeling ashamed,even suffering mental health problems are common for us. We have all been through the journey and are here for you.

    So, our kink is not widely accepted. So what? What we do is utterly harmlessand a lot of fun. I'm 41, And my tendencies go back until I was about three years old. I only found this site a few months ago and am learning to accept myself.

    I have been through binge / purge cycles, depression and anxiety. No more. Sure, I'm in the closet but at least I can love myself thanks mainly to the love, affection and support here.

    As to films, join some of the groups. I love film and have recently got into Bollywood. Have you seen Devdas? If not it is epic and heart wrenching!

    Glad to have you here,


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    i think just about everyone on here can sympathize with your search for self-acceptance.
    i've spent the majority of my life trying suppress these desires, and i have only recently begun to explore them.
    you at least have someone in your life that you can share in your search; and for that i envy you.

    welcome to adisc.

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    This is the time, this is the time
    The time to greet the faces that you meet

    This is the time to murmur and to speak
    I am Raccoon, deferential, glad to be of use,
    Politic, incautious, but meticulous;
    Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse;
    Almost at times, a bit long-winded;
    I admit I drone on and on, but it has been worth it after all
    To allow me to say just what I mean,
    And perhaps to have held you in my thrall.

    But I go on... and on...
    And I get tired, even, I dare say, tiresome

    I should have shortened all this ragged clause
    And scuttled off to silence seize

    In case you didn't know before, raccoons like irony (such as self-mockery) and fancy themselves wits. ) I look forward to chatting some more soon, there's a lot in your post to comment on. c u soon
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