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    Hi it's good ol waver and I need some help.
    Currently I am single and I want to have a relationship. Should I try fet life? Or is there other options.

    I also need help in findingy comfort zone with being a little. One side I am not afraid of the consequences but a large portion doesn't want to be foolish and think of others. I want to be at peace with this of me. And also help nurture it to the best of my abilities *currently living at home and small room*.

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    I'm single too, and I wish I could be in a relationship where my partner knew and loved my little side. I have been on fetlife, and personally I don't like the website much. It works for some people though, i have heard of successful instances, so it might work for you. I personally think i'm going to have to try and find a partner with the more conventional sites/ways, but I don't know, I haven't tried much lately.

    As for self acceptance which is what i think you are talking about. I think the best thing I did for myself was to make sure I always took care of my little side, even if sometimes i didn't want to, at least for the first while. Try to set aside some consistent time that you get to be little. I think that helps a lot.

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    I found a person who loved me unconditionally, and many years later, when I confessed to my AB/DLism, accepted me unconditionally.

    As for accepting the lifestyle, I have always been driven by it. Quitting didn't seem to be a workable option. It took years to accept it, but I'm a lot happier for having made peace with it. As has often been said on this site, we are more than just diapers, so living a balanced life, doing many other things, seems to make it all work. I've just self published a novel that took six years to write. I've written and published other stories. I play music, and even with retirement, work a part time job. Today I was riding on the bike trail, and walked a mile.

    If you like who you are as a person, you won't object to wearing diapers when the time is appropriate. In other words, you're time to indulge. You can make all of this work if you understand and accept yourself.

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    I agree that we are just more than padding. But whe i get extremely stressed i want little time and its those times when i cant or i wabt something really bad. And due to responsibilities or circumstances i can't. And it wears me out. I made peace with it. But when i attempt to do it ir seems like i have to either be sneaky or put me in a position to lie. But i am starting to notice that over time it will resonate. I just got hired, and i will hopefully have acess to what i need. Its just the day that everyone dreads. How do you cope with that? Getting caught...

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    I've heard of people having luck with Fetlife, but also a lot of negative comments and disgruntled users. It depends what you want, Fetlife is far more open with the sexual aspect of ABDL and helps some fetish couples get together, on the other hand if you're not a sexual ABDL then you might not find what you're looking for there, and would probably have a better luck using regular dating services/techniques and farm out to them eventually.

    As for coming to terms with your little side, this is something that I never really overcame, in fact I have recently had a "bout with doubt' (as I call it) with my little side, afraid that I won't be able to live a normal life. All it takes is self-acceptance, but this can be difficult to achieve and can make you feel precarious, but once you accept it as a constant in your life, you will find a lot of peace and confidence in yourself.

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