Close to a month a go I received the Shadow Run 5th Edition Core Book as a Birthday gift from my online big brother. And I've been curious ever since, is anyone here a fan of Shadow Run as much as I am? There's just something so bloody bad ass about Cyber Punk.

Anyways, I'm soon to be starting my own Shadow Run campaign and am rather excited. So far here's our runner line up:

"The Face" AKA The Bard of Shadow Run. Our Face is a former Corporate Member, with a grand total of three cyber limbs. He lost his right leg, and both hands in an explosion that killed his entire family. Now he's on a mission of vengeance to take down the Corporations, one piece at a time.

"The Tank" Pretty much your run of the mill ruffian. He's a rough and tumble Orc Mercenary with a code of honor. Never kill Children, he will fly into a blood rage if he witness such an atrocity. And if he himself commits the atrocity, he has to roll 6D6 and get a total of 4 hits (Or successes which is 5's and 6's) or completely lose it for several days

"The Shaman" Your typical spiritualist. This is the character I've decided to play. My character used to be part of the Russian Mafia as a drug dealer, five years prior to becoming a runner he watched his entire sect of the Mob be killed in a raid on a drug warehouse they were working in at the time. He was the only survivor of the attack, and now he lives with Survivor Guilt.

"Decker" Our hacker and tech-wiz. Sadly I can't say much about this character's back story because the player hasn't really created one yet. So far we've worked out he was part of the Second Great Matrix Crash in 2066, we haven't decided how involved he was in that yet.

Anyone have any advice for running a campaign or any questions about the table top game?