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Thread: Prevail Breezers 360 (Possible first diaper with stretchy sides?)

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    Default Prevail Breezers 360 (Possible first diaper with stretchy sides?)

    Just got a bag of the prevail breezers 360, they are quite different than most of the cloth backed diapers out there. They seem to be the first ones I've worn that actually have stretch sides. At first I didn't think they fit, but then I stretched them and they really seem to hug well like this. They seem to be pretty comfortable so far, remind me a bit like the FitRight ones. Anyone else wear these before? They seem to be pretty new and most places still just have the original breezers. I haven't done a major wetting test on them yet. They don't seem very bulky, but they could have a lot of sap.

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    I have worn the Prevail StretchFit diapers, and liked 'em. They weren't for overnight-level use, but I thought they were comfortable and reasonably absorbent. That said, the Tena Super Stretch are my favorite of that ilk. The Ultras are great for a more discreet fit.

    The great thing about this kind of diaper is that they move with you, can be pulled up and down easily (I don't mess, just wet), and they're comfortable. The downside to them is that they don't seal around the legs as well as diapers with bottom tapes. I've not had a huge problem with leaks, but they do happen as the diaper approaches capacity.


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    I did an initial test with these diapers earlier today. It amazed me, even when I plopped down and felt the sap kind of squirt out the liquid, it didn't leak. I'll have to see after a couple more wearings on whether or not they continue to hold up. They puff up a lot with liquid. So far I think they kind of remind me of ATN in how the get big and are very SAP focused. I almost think they hold as much as ATN. I'm very curious to see how well they do under a little more use. I'm a lot more impressed than I thought I would be. These diapers are so very new, many of the normal places I get my diapers don't even carry them yet. They aren't the same as the normal breezers. I did some test pourings of water down the front of the diaper since I didn't have a lot of time to test. It absorbed very fast, kind of shocked me. I hope to do actual tests in the real world.

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